Side Notes


It is the intention of the web site administrators to retain intact the original format and content of Millham Memoirs.


Fifteen years or more have gone since most of the original material was written for Millham Memoirs. There have undoubtedly been many births, marriages, divorces, deaths and other changes to the Millham clan since the early 1990’s. We encourage all Millham and Millham descendants to forward their up-dated history so it can be added to their chapter and page. Contact the web administrators at


Corrections to dates, spelling or other information in the original document will be considered where there is evidence indicating that the original information is in error.


Adjustments or changes that effect the presentation of the original material will not be considered. We do, however, recognize that there can be some differing points of view in presenting a family history, and will review material brought to our attention for inclusion as a supplementary item, with links to the original.