(Original Preface by Jean Knourek)

The year 1990 marked 100 years since Charles Millham movedwith his wife Sarah Ann Gowler and family, to the Hazelcliffe district. In this book I have attempted to compile a history of the Millham family from the information I have received. I assume it is correct. If there are any errors or omissions, I am truly sorry.

It is better to write or publish a book even if it is not complete or perfect, then to have no book at all. As John Henry Newman said, “Nothing would be done at all if man waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault with it.” I trust that this book will be a memorable keepsake and an heirloom for the generations to come.

Material has been presented in a consistent pattern, but in the words of the writer wherever possible. Some submissions were edited for length, and as many pictures as possible inserted. Unfortunately, some members of the family chose not to respond to my request for information. They have not been omitted completely; limited details, compiled by myself and others are included.

Thank You

–To each of you who submitted information and pictures to be included in this book.
–To each of you, especially my husband, for your patience and tolerance, as I strived for accuracy and completeness.
–To Sheila Bradley for proofreading and preparing pictures.
–To Hudson’s Bay Company Archives.
–To Manitoba provincial Archives.
–To Saskatchewan Provincial Archives.
–To the Manitoba Lands Branch
–To Diocese of Rupert’s Land
— To Commercial Printers, Ltd. Regina who reproduced the copies of the manuscript.
Special thanks to Albert Lamb and Les and Betty Gordon for their unsolicited financial assistance.