Jean Knourek


We dedicate this site to the memory of Jean Knourek, the original author of Millham Memoirs. Jean published her record of all things Millham in 1991, after five years or more of collecting and compiling stories, photographs and documents. The original text was typed by Jean, and published in a spiral bound 8½ X 11 inch book. The book ran to approximately 360 pages. Jean succumbed to lung cancer on June 7, 2002.


I am indebted to Sherri Millham for her outstanding work in re-typing the original text, to convert it from print form to electronic form. I also wish to thank Richard C. Millham for his input, support and technical advice. Richard and I will jointly be administering the site.


We are publishing the Millham family history as a means of updating and expanding on the excellent work done by Jean Knourek, who published Millham Memoirs in book form in 1991. With the advent of electronic publishing we have the opportunity to add to the family information. This will be an ongoing process. As the text and photographs are converted and prepared, they will be added to the site in family groups as listed under the original offspring of Charles and Sarah Millham.

We invite you to explore this record to research your family connections to the Millham family in Canada, or just for general interest. Here you will find a comprehensive document containing the names and birth dates of the offspring of Charles and Mary, as well as subsequent generations of the Millham family.

Should you have additional Millham family history or information not included here, we would be interested in hearing from you. Please contact the web administrator via our contact form.

The Millham Memoirs book copyright and rights of usage have been assigned to Allan Millham by the Estate of Jean Knourek