9) Ruth (Millham) Hyde


Ruth Millham, the eighth child of Charles and Sarah Millham, was born in Winnipeg on July 22, 1875 and baptized at St. John’s Church there on October 3, of the same year. She moved with her family to Minnedosa and later to the Hazelcliffe district.

On July 4, 1893 Ruth married George Hyde who was born in Lincolnshire, England on April 30, 1865 and came to Canada with his parents when six years old to settle in the Paisley district of Ontario. In 1882, he came to the Valleyview district east of Hazelcliffe. George and Ruth farmed on SW29-18-33 W1 for a few years before moving to Grenfell in about 1898 where he farmed for twelve years. Five children were born to them before Ruth passed away on August 2, 1906. George was a handyman for a time at Grenfell and later moved to Rocanville where he was a drayman until retirement. He passed away there on December 1, 1944.

Hyde George Ruth Millham


(1875-1906)     (1865-1944)
married 1893

  1. Edith May (1895-1930)
  2. Charles William (1896-1910)
  3. George Milton (1897-1974)
  4. Clarence Victor (1899-1979)
  5. Violet Alice (1904-1990)


1. Edith – William Hachmann
1. Myrtle – Ernest Graham – Peter Ressler
….. 1. Delores 2. Deanna
2. Cora – Earl Tebb
1. Kenneth 3. Joyce
2. Rodney
3. Elsie – Marcus Christoling
1. Helen 3. Edith
….. 2. Judith 4. Margaret
4. Clare – Robert Gamble
. 1. Carol Lee 2. Vern

2. William
3. Milton – Mary Bagg
1. Alice – David Gillespie
1. Gayle 2. David
2. Muriel – Keith Fergusson
1. Larry 3. Lee
2. Marie
3. Bruce – Vivian Bull
1. David 2. Alison
 4. Clarence – Dora Woods – Ina Livingston
 1. Doreen – Hugh Fraser
 .. 1. Hugh 3. Sheilagh
2. Stuart 4. James
2. Norman – Joyce Theobald
1. Margorie 4. Dale
2. Terry 5. Sharon
.. 3. George
3. Gordon – Joyce Gaudrey – Gloria Francis
1. Crystal 3. Leanne
2. Dean 4. Racheal
4. Shirley – Wes Watson
1. Glen 4. Cynthia
 .. 2. Cheryl 5. Kevin
3. Trevor 6. Lori
5. Denis – Lorna Skrupski
1. Grant 3. Tammy
 .. 2. Bradley
  6. Lois – Robert Eltz
    1. Drinda 2. Colleen
5. Violet – Roswell Mellick
1. Roger – Ann Dyck
1. Wayne
2. Verna – Patrick Vienneau
1. Charlotte 3. Robert
2. Ross
3. Ruth – George Jorgenson – Ed Yeo
1. Pamela 3. Richard
2. Deborah




(by daughter Cora)

Edith May Hyde, the eldest child of Ruth and George Hyde, was born April 27, 1895.

On November 11, 1914 Edith married William Christian Hachmann (born October 5, 1887) in Rocanville, Saskatchewan and they subsequently had four daughters. Edith and William worked as a hired couple on farms in the Rocanville and Gerald districts and in 1928, moved to Melville where William worked on the CNR and later for the town.

Edith passed away January 7, 1930 due to cancer and the girls were separated to live elsewhere; Myrtle moved to her Uncle Albert Millham’s at Hazelcliffe, Elsie to her Uncle Henry Hachmann’s in Rocanville, and Cora and Clarice boarded in Melville and were supported by Rebekah Lodge. It was not until 1963 that all four sisters were reunited for the first time.

William passed away on January 28, 1957.

Hachmann Edith William

(submitted 1991)

Myrtle Ruth, the eldest daughter of Edith and William Hachmann, was born February 4, 1916 in Rocanville.

On January 7, 1937 Myrtle married Ernest Graham (place of birth unknown as he was adopted) and they had twin daughters. Ernest served overseas in the army during World War II. The marriage ended in divorce in 1955. Ernest is now deceased.

On October 9, 1959 Myrtle married Peter Ressler (born May 7, 1917) in the Richmond United Church in Richmond, B.C. Peter worked at Huntting Merritt Shingle Mill until retirement. They reside in Richmond.

Hachmann sisters Myrtle Cora Elsie Clarice

Delores (Graham) Frame

Delores Ruth, daughter of Myrtle and Ernest Graham, was born in Winnipeg on September 13, 1937.

On June 9, 1956 Delores married John Frame in the Trinity Baptist Church in Vancouver. John, the owner of a hardware store, was born December 5, 1933 in Vancouver. Delores is an office worker. They live in Surrey, B.C. and had three children.

Lynn Marie, the eldest child of Delores and John Frame, was born in Vancouver on May 29, 1957 and was very artistic. She passed away suddenly on March 10, 1980 due to neurological problems.

David, son of Delores and John Frame, was born April 6, 1959 in Vancouver. He lives in Richmond where he operates a delivery service.

On October 30, 1981 David married Laura Vallee and they have three children: Christina Laurel, born April 1, 1982; Holly Allissia, born December 21, 1985; and Jessica Leane, born September 1, 1987.

Sharon Lee, the third child of Delores and John Frame, was born in Vancouver on October 31, 1963. She is an office worker.

In September 1989, Sharon married Kevin McArtney and they live in Surrey, B.C.


Deanna (Graham) Szach

Deanna LeRoy, twin daughter of Myrtle and Ernest Graham, was born September 13, 1937 in Winnipeg.

On June 14, 1957 Deanna married George Szach in the Trinity Baptist Church in Vancouver. George was born September 23, 1935 in Winnipeg and is employed by Walkem Machinery Painting. Deanna is a shoe clerk. They have two daughters and reside in Surrey, B.C.

Penelope Dale, daughter of Deanna and George Szach was born in Vancouver on November 2, 1959. She lives in Richmond and is a cocktail waitress.

Sandra Ann, second daughter of Deanna and George Szach, was born November 26, 1965 in Vancouver. She took a hairdressing course and works in her profession in White Rock, B.C.


(submitted 1991)

Cora May, second daughter of Edith and William Hachmann, was born June 11, 1917 in Rocanville and completed grade 11 in Melville before moving back to Rocanville to work as a domestic.

On October 15, 1941 Cora married Earl Kitchener Tebb, son of Arthur and Jenny Tebb, at Gerald, Saskatchewan. They farmed in the Gerald district for three years and moved to the Ingleside district south of Marchwell where they farmed for 32 years and raised their three children. In 1976, Cora and Earl retired to live in Russell, Manitoba.


Kenneth Tebb

Kenneth Richard, the eldest child of Cora and Earl Tebb, was born July 13, 1942 at Esterhazy and graduated from grade 12 at Langenburg. He took university classes in local government while working at IMC K1 potash mine.

On June 11, 1965 Kenneth married Ursula Edith Lowenberger who was born in Kutno, Germany on January 5, 1943. Her parents, Henry and Frieda Lowenberger, live in Churchbridge, Saskatchewan. Kenneth is currently secretary-treasurer of Battleford School Unit and Ursula is public health nurse for two Indian bands at North Battleford. They have three children.

Kenneth Tebb family Tracey Richard Ramona UrsulaRamona Marie, the eldest child of Kenneth and Ursula Tebb, was born April 23, 1966 in Esterhazy.

On December 31, 1988 Ramona married Dave Stiller who works on gas pipelines. Ramona teaches French Immersion classes in Moose Jaw.

Tracey Arlynne, the second daughter of Kenneth and Ursula Tebb, was born March 6, 1968 in Esterhazy.

On August 10, 1990 Tracey married Paul Semko, a machinist in Saskatoon. Tracey has her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and plans to return to university in the fall of 1991 to obtain her Masters.

Richard Scott, son of Kenneth and Ursula Tebb, was born June 10, 1970 also in Esterhazy. He is presently in his fourth year at university taking Political Science and Economics, with two years to go.


Rodney Tebb

Rodney Arthur, second son of Cora and Earl Tebb, was born in Russell, Manitoba on September 19, 1945. After completion of grade 9 in Langenburg, he drove truck for a construction company in Esterhazy and the Co-op fuel truck at Spy Hill.

On July 9, 1970 at Moosomin, Rodney married Gloria Carol Becker, daughter of Fred and Ora Becker of Rocanville. Gloria was born at Radville, Saskatchewan on March 11, 1946. Rodney was the Co-op store manager at Spy Hill before moving to the Co-op in Estevan and later Punnichy. For the past ten years, they have lived in Flaxcombe, near Kindersley, where he sells insurance for The Western Producer. Rodney and Gloria have three children.

Rodney Tebb family Robin Floyd Rhonda GloriaRobin Lauren, daughter of Rodney and Gloria Tebb, was born at Estevan on March 4, 1977 and attends school at Marengo, Sask.

Rhonda Lee, second daughter of Rodney and Gloria Tebb, was born August 8, 1979 at Moosomin and also attends school at Marengo.

Floyd Earl, son of Rodney and GloriaTebb, was born August 25, 1989 in Kindersley.


Joyce (Tebb) Sonnenberg

Joyce Alma, daughter of Cora and Earl Tebb, was born April 12, 1953 in Langenburg and graduated from grade 12 there.

On July 10, 1971 Joyce married Ronald William Sonnenberg, son of Willie and Stella Sonnenberg (of Inglis, Manitoba) in the Ingleside United Church at Marchwell. Ronald worked at IMC K1 and farmed before they moved to Shoal Lake where they operated a restaurant for two years. They moved back to Inglis and Ronald worked with his parents in the greenhouse while Joyce worked with home care and as a teacher’s aide at school.

In the fall of 1990, Joyce, Ronald and their three children moved to Calgary where Ronald is a mechanic for a trucking company and Joyce is in partnership in a housecleaning business.

Ronald Sonnenberg Family Terri Jolene Ronald Eric JoyceTeresa Lynne (Terri), the eldest child of Joyce and Ronald Sonnenberg, was born October 16, 1971 at Russell, Manitoba and graduated from grade 12 there in 1988. She presently lives in Canmore, Alberta where she is employed in a pizza place.

Jolene Dawn, second daughter of Joyce and Ronald Sonnenberg, was born at Russell on May 10, 1973. She is in grade 12 in Calgary and plans to become an accountant.

Eric Ronald, son of Joyce and Ronald Sonnenberg, was born in Russell on February 18, 1977. He enjoys all kinds of sports and was goalie on hockey teams in Shoal Lake and Russell.


(submitted 1991)

Elsie Wilhelmina, the third daughter of Edith and William Hachmann, was born February 12, 1920 in Moosomin, Saskatchewan. She became a seamstress and worked at Eaton’s in Winnipeg.

On December 19, 1947 Elsie married Marcus Christoling who was born October 13, 1906 in Dortmund, Germany. He was an auto mechanic, and later engineer at Campbell River Hospital until retirement. Marcus passed away November 15, 1988. Elsie and Marcus had three daughters plus a daughter, Helen, from a previous marriage. Elsie resides in Campbell River, B.C.


Helen (Christoling) Nurss

Helen Mildred, daughter of Elsie and Marcus Christoling, was born August 25, 1938. She is a senior engineer for Pacific Telephone.

Helen married Charles Nurss, Jr. (born March 21, 1935), who is now retired. Helen and Chuck reside in Pleasant Hill, California.


Judith (Christoling) Ellerby

Judith Diane, second daughter of Elsie and Marcus Christoling, was born March 31, 1941 in Winnipeg.

On August 24, 1958 Judy married Robert Wilho Luoma at Campbell River, B.C. Robert, a logger, was born in Port Alberni, B.C. on September 22, 1933. They had four sons prior to a divorce.

On October 17, 1986 Judy married Ronald Ellerby who was born May 12, 1931. He is a house painter and decorator while Judy is a cashier. They reside in Campbell River.

William Robert, the eldest son of Judy and Robert Luoma, was born at Campbell River on December 28, 1960.

On April 30, 1988 Bill married Kimberly Palmeter and they have two daughters: Alyssa Tamara, born July 14, 1989 and Keshia Lee-Ann, born April 29, 1991. Bill is a millworker and the family resides in Campbell River.

Alan Bruce, the second son of Judy and Robert Luoma, was born December 1, 1962 in Campbell River.

On December 1, 1984 Al married Dianne Riley and they have two daughters: Crystal Lynn, born May 7, 1985 and Kelly Andria, born June 12, 1989. Al is an electrician and the family resides in Campbell River.

Terrance Marcus, the third son of Judy and Robert Luoma, was born July 29, 1965 in Campbell River, B.C. He is an electrician and resides in Campbell River.

Michael Andrew, the fourth son of Judy and Robert Luoma, was born August 9, 1969 in Campbell River. He is unemployed at the present time.


Edith (Christoling) McRann

Edith May, the third daughter of Elsie and Marcus Christoling, was born July 31, 1947 in Edmonton, Alberta.

On April 8, 1967 Edie married Kenneth Ian McRann, a millwright foreman who was born August 10, 1947 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Edie and Ken have two children and reside in Campbell River.

Mark William, son of Edie and Ken McRann, was born November 17, 1967.

In February 1990 Mark married Gera Clooten and they have a daughter, Venessa Marie, born October 29, 1989. Mark is an automotive mechanic and the family resides in Campbell River. Mark has another daughter from a previous relationship, Melanie Janine, born May 12, 1986.

Tammy Ann, daughter of Edie and Ken McRann, was born April 30, 1970 in Campbell River. She is a clerk for Shoppers Drug Mart in White Rock, B.C. Tammy resides in Surrey, B.C. with her fiancé, Bradley Varley, and entrepreneur who was born August 16, 1966.


Margaret (Christoling) Auld

Margaret Rose, the youngest daughter of Elsie and Marcus Christoling, was born in Edmonton on April 29, 1949.

On March 26, 1969 Margaret married Robert Scott George Auld, a marine engineer who was born May 26, 1939 in Estevan, Saskatchewan and they had one son. Robert passed away in August 1981. Margaret, an executive chef, now resides in Ucluelet, B.C.

Christopher Scott, son of Margaret and Robert Auld, was born July 16, 1971 in Campbell River, B.C. At the present time, Chris resides in Nanaimo, B.C.


(submitted 1991)

Clarice Augusta, the fourth daughter of Edith and William Hachmann, was born in Rocanville, Saskatchewan on March 22, 1923.

Gamble Robert ClariceOn September 14, 1946 Clarice married Robert Albert Gamble in Zion United Church in Moose Jaw. Robert was born on February 20, 1924 in Moose Jaw. Clarice and Robert moved from Moose Jaw to Richmond, B.C. in 1951. They moved to Coquitlam in 1979 to live in a mobile home. Robert, a meat cutter, retired in 1985 and passed away on February 25, 1990 after suffering with heart problems for 25 years. He had two heart bypass surgeries, abdominal aneurysm surgery, and a total of six heart attacks. Clare worked as a secretary for thirty-five years and retired in 1982. Clare and Robert had two children.

Carol Lee (Gamble) Raczynski

Carol Lee, daughter of Clare and Robert Gamble, was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on October 12, 1947.

On August 3, 1968 Carol Lee married Helmut Raczynski in the South Arm United Church in Richmond. Helmut was born in Obendorff, Germany on October 9, 1941 and he is a shipper and warehouseman. They moved from Vancouver to Surrey in 1973. Carol Lee is a homemaker and mother to their two children.

Monica Rae, daughter of Carol Lee and Helmut Raczynski, was born in Vancouver on December 24, 1971. She is a grade 12 graduate and is now working part time as a cashier/clerk and attends part-time classes at Quantlan College in Surrey. Monica’s goal is to become a teacher of languages.

Daniel Kristin, son of Carol Lee and Helmut Raczynski, was born on November 10, 1975 in Surrey, B.C. Daniel is in grade 10 and is a part-time worker who assembles and repairs bicycles. David was born with an affliction known as inflammatory bowel disease and to this date still suffers from allergies to most food, which he will apparently have to tolerate for the rest of his life.

Gamble family Helmut Carol Lee Monica Daniel Raczynski Clare Kelly Vern

Vern Gamble

Vernon Robert, son of Clare and Robert Gamble, was born in Vancouver on October 12, 1952 (note that Carol Lee and Vernon Robert were born five years apart right to the date). Vern works as transportation co-ordinator with Balfour Guthrie Forest Products, and has worked with this company for eleven years.

On May 28, 1977 Vern married Sheila Rogers in Gilmore United Church in Richmond. They were divorced in 1980.

On April 24, 1982 Vern married Brenda Arnold in Richmond – Sea Island United Church and they had a daughter prior to a divorce in 1989. Brenda has custody of their daughter and they have joint guardianship. Vern is enjoying liberal visitations with his daughter. To this date, Vern is single.

Kelly Ruby Clarice, daughter of Vern and Brenda Gamble, was born May 15, 1983 in Richmond, B.C.



Charles William Hyde, the second child of Ruth and George Hyde, was born at Hazelcliffe on June 3, 1986. He drowned at Grenfell on June 26, 1910 at the age of 14 years.



(by daughter Muriel)

George Milton Hyde, the third child of Ruth and George Hyde, was born September 17, 1897 at Grenfell, Saskatchewan. He joined the Canadian Army, 226 Battalion, in 1914 and served in England until his discharge in 1919. Milton left Liverpool with his war bride, Rose Mary Bagg (born February 21, 1897), whom he had married on May 4, 1918 They reached Halifax on January 28 and arrived in Moosomin, Saskatchewan on February 2, 1919.

They lived the remainder of their lives at Rocanville where their three children were born. Milton was a painter, carpenter, and had a Shoe and Harness Shop. He was a good worker for the Legion and Anglican Church, and had the Rebekah and church books for 35 years as secretary-treasurer. Mary was also a good worker for the Legion and her church. She was the one who did most of the quilts—baby and big quilts—which were sold to raise money for the church. She also liked to write poems; one was about Bird’s Point, Round Lake.

Milton passed away on September 19, 1974 and Mary on February 22, 1986.

Hyde Mary Milton 50th anniversary

(submitted 1989)

Alice Mary, the eldest child of Milton and Mary Hyde, was born October 14, 1920.

On July 26, 1937 Alice married David Eldon John Gillespie who was born July 26, 1914. They had two children. Alice worked at McKesson and Robbins in Los Angeles, California for 20 years as a credit manager for the drug dispenser until her death on March 28, 1981. David is retired from Lockheed Corporation.


Gayle (Gillespie) Harper

Gayle Frances, daughter of Alice and David Gillespie, was born October 14, 1940.

Gayle Hyde William Marion HarperOn July 8, 1958 Gayle married Robert Earl Swallow (born February 8, 1932) in Las Vegas, Nevada. They lived in China Lake, California and had two children prior to their divorce in 1974. Robert is retired from the U.S. Navy and is now consulting for them.

On May 8, 1981 Gayle married William Marion Harper in Carpenteria, California. He is a firefighter for the U.S. Navy, Point Mugu, California and stationed at San Nicolas Island, 65 miles west of the Santa Barbara Islands. He is currently presiding Worthy Patron of the Order of the Eastern Star, a member of Carpenteria Lodge No. 444, Free and Accepted Masons, Scottish Rite Bodies, Al Maleikah Shrine Temple of Los Angeles.

Gayle is senior secretary for General Research Corporation, Santa Barbara. She is currently presiding Worthy Matron of the Order of the Eastern Star and a member of the Daughters of the Nile. Gayle and Bill reside in Lompoc, California.

Rhonda Lee, daughter of Gayle and Robert Swallow, was born January 24, 1960.

On August 12, 1976 Rhonda married Lynn Martin (born September 12, 1957) and they have a son Christopher Lynn, born August 17, 1979. Rhonda and Lynn are both employed with the U.S. Navy, China Lake, California.

Alan Robert, son of Gayle and Robert Swallow, was born September 6, 1962.

On August 15, 1981 Alan married Marilyn Jane McGill (born July 22, 1962). Marilyn is a housewife and mother to their three children: Nicole Dawn, born October 12, 1985; Cathleen Lynn, born March 22, 1987; and Michael Alan, born November 16, 1989. Alan is owner/operator of Swallow Construction Company in Ridge Crest, California.


David Gillespie

David Lloyd, son of Alice and David Gillespie, was born January 21, 1942.

On September 1, 1962 David married Mary Lou Bertolotti (born July 28, 1943) in Los Angeles, California. They have two children. David is a mechanic and avid amateur radioman. He works for a corporate firm in Los Angeles.

Jeffrey Alan, son of David and Mary Gillespie, was born October 21, 1965. He resides in Los Angeles.

Tracy Lynn, daughter of David and Mary Gillespie, was born August 1, 1967.

On March 21, 1987 Tracy married Patrick John Montesano (born October 15, 1967) in Los Angeles where they reside.


(submitted 1991)

Muriel Frances, second daughter of Milton and Mary Hyde, was born March 31, 1924 and obtained her education (up to grade 10) in Rocanville before she began working in the telephone office there.

On January 29, 1944 Muriel married Gordon Keith Fergusson and she continued working until their first child was born. Later, two more children were born.

In 1965, Muriel began work in Symons Metalworkers with her husband who had been with the company since 1942. He was foreman at that time. Muriel and Keith retired in 1985— Keith after 43 years and Muriel after 20 years at Symons Metalworkers under Ernest Symons.

Keith Fergusson Family larry dwayne allan kim tina marie marfi vigfusson gary douglas moffatt steven diane keith muriel lee cyrstal

Larry Fergusson

Larry Ross, son of Muriel and Keith Fergusson, was born July 15, 1944. He was a boy who enjoyed sports as a hobby (ball and curling) while attending school in Rocanville up to grade 11. He joined the air force for three years, came home and went to Milden, Saskatchewan as a CPR telegrapher. He then met his wife.

On July 12, 1969 Larry married Diane [sic?] Head who had obtained her nurse’s training at Humboldt, Saskatchewan and nursed at St. Paul and City hospitals in Saskatoon. Dianne [sic?] continued nursing and Larry worked for Acme Novelty Co. in Saskatoon.

In 1976, Larry and Diane [sic?] moved with their son to Nakusp, B.C. and took over a MacLeods Hardware Store. Their second son was born there. In 1980, they built a new store of their own, still with MacLeods franchise. In 1985, they bought out of MacLeods and went into Home Hardware, which they are still operating.

Dianne [sic?] nursed in the Nakusp Hospital and now in the nursing home, helping the older people. Her time is busy also with playing the organ for church and choir practice.

Dwayne Gordon, son of Larry and Dianne [sic?] Fergusson, was born in Saskatoon on February 18, 1973. He is busy with school and sports such as hockey, swimming and skiing.

Steven Keith, second son of Larry and Dianne [sic?] Fergusson, was born on June 15, 1978 at Nakusp, B.C. He is also busy with school and active in hockey, swimming and skiing.


Marie (Fergusson) Vigfusson

Eleanor Marie, daughter of Muriel and Keith Fergusson, was born December 10, 1946. She took her schooling in Rocanville, up to grade 10, before working in Esterhazy as a housekeeper, then in the Moosomin Hotel.

On December 14, 1963 Marie married Narfi Vigfusson (only son of Helgi and Helga Vigfusson) who was born May 28, 1940 in the Holar district near Tantallon, Saskatchewan. Marie and Narfi lived in Rocanville and worked for Symons Metalworkers. For a short time before that, Narfi worked in the butcher shop, then went to Winnipeg to work for Pioneer Electric. After they adopted their first daughter, Marie and Narfi moved to Tantallon to take over the farm of his dad, which his grandfather had previously owned. They still reside on the farm.

Tina Marie, adopted daughter of Marie and Narfi Vigfusson, was born March 29, 1966. After completing grade 12 in Esterhazy, she took a hairdressing course in Brandon.

Tina lives in Yorkton and is taking more hairdressing courses. She has a daughter, Jasmin Tawni, born August 18, 1989.

Kimberly Anne, second daughter of Marie and Narfi Vigfusson, was born March 17, 1969 and completed grade 12 in Esterhazy. She then worked in a lab in Regina, making eyeglasses.

On August 19, 1989 Kim married Kelvin Bartok, son of Wilfred and Gertie Bartok of Esterhazy. Kim and Kelvin live in Yorkton with their daughter, Ashtin Noelle, born November 17, 1988 and Kelvin works at Leon Enterprises.

Narvie Allan, son of Marie and Narfi Vigfusson, was born November 8, 1973. He will graduate from Esterhazy High School in 1991, and is a member of cadets in Churchbridge.


Lee (Fergusson) Moffatt

Margaret Lee, second daughter of Muriel and Keith Fergusson, was born July 18, 1953. She attended school in Rocanville, getting all except one subject of her grade 12. Lee’s hobbies have always been ball and bowling. She worked in Symons Metalworkers prior to her marriage.

On August 21, 1971 Lee married Gary Moffatt and they moved to Moosomin. They have two children. Gary worked for the feed mill but had to stop due to health reasons. He is now with the gas pipeline. Lee started in Broadley’s Drugstore in 1976 and now works for Morgan Adam’s Drugstore—Morgan bought the store from Mr. Broadley.

For the past several years, Lee and Gary have managed the store at Moosomin Lake, with the help of their children.

Douglas Gordon, son of Lee and Gary Moffatt, was born January 6, 1972 and, as a boy, was often called on by neighbors to shovel snow or cut grass. He is like his dad and enjoys working with computers and doing electrical work.

Crystal Dawn, daughter of Lee and Gary Moffatt, was born June 28, 1975. She enjoys gymnastics at school, and whenever space allowed, would demonstrate her ability at doing cartwheels.


(submitted 1989)

Leonard Bruce, the only son of Milton and Mary Hyde, was born at home in Rocanville, Saskatchewan on March 6, 1934. He graduated from high school there in 1952 and moved to Winnipeg to work for the CPR for seven months. In 1953, he moved to Longlac, Ontario where he worked for Kimberly Clark Pulp and Paper for the next 14 years.

On July 14, 1956 Bruce married Vivian Bull (born September 15, 1935) in Geraldton, Ontario. They have two children.

In 1967, the family moved to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan where Bruce obtained employment with Prince Albert Pulpwood (now Weyerhaeuser Canada). His interests are: working with wood, hockey, skiing, and electric trains.

Vivian worked as a secretary, and is now a housewife. Her interests are: knitting, sewing, hockey, church, meals on wheels program, cancer society, and aerobics.


David Hyde

David Bruce, son of Bruce and Vivian Hyde, was born July 9, 1957. He took his schooling in Longlac, Ontario; Prince Albert and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; and Edmonton, Alberta.

On March 7, 1981 David married Peggy Stacey in Prince Albert. Peggy was born November 13, 1958 and grew up in Weirdale, Saskatchewan. She worked for the provincial government and is now a homemaker. Her interests are: their three daughters, reading, crafts, gardening and cooking.

The family now lives in Ardmore, Alberta where David is employed with Esso Resources as an instrument mechanic. His interests include his family, skiing, hunting, fishing and reading.

Lindsey Stacy, daughter of David and Peggy Hyde, was born in Prince Albert on February 6, 1983.

Megan Raine, second daughter of David and Peggy Hyde, was born August 22, 1984 in Prince Albert.

Erin Rose, third daughter of David and Peggy Hyde, was born February 7, 1989.


Alison (Hyde) Rominick

Alison Lindsey, daughter of Bruce and Vivian Hyde, was born February 9, 1962. She took all her schooling in Prince Albert, ending it with a business course. She moved to Edmonton and worked in banking and is now managing a bulk dealership for Petro Canada.

On May 21, 1983 Alison married David Anthony Rominick (born August 30, 1961) in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Alison and David live, with their daughter, on a farm which David operates, besides working in the oil fields. His interests are motor cross racing, welding and horses. Alison’s interests include animals, reading and skiing.

Kelly Jane, daughter of Alison and David Rominick, was born March 2, 1988.

Bruce Hyde family David Peggy Alison David Rominick Lindsey Vivian Megan


(by daughter Shirley)

Clarence Victor Hyde, the fourth child of Ruth and George Hyde, was born on July 27, 1899 on their farm at Grenfell, Saskatchewan, which was then known as the North West Territories. His mother died at an early age of thirty-one when Clarence was only six years old. He was left for relatives to bring up as his father had to go away to work. He only had grade 4 education but was a very clever man with his hands and could do just about anything he set his mind to.

Clarence farmed at Rocanville before joining the staff at Eatons in Winnipeg where he spent forty-two years with the electrical engineers. At one time, Clarence was very interested in sports; twice he was on Jim Bloomer’s winning team curling for the McGee Memorial trophy.

On June 20, 1926 Clarence married Dora Stella Woods and they resided in Winnipeg for all of their married lives. Dora was born March 1, 1905 in Port Arthur, Ontario and died at the age of fifty years (November 21, 1955) from heart disease. She was a good mother who worked hard to raise six children. Dora loved to play the piano, especially hymns which were her favorite music. She taught herself to play by note but also played beautifully by ear.

Clarence later met and married Ina Livingston on June 28, 1958 in Winnipeg. Ina also worked for Eatons, in the kitchen on the fifth floor for eighteen years. After they married, they resided in North Kildonan and later moved to Tyndall, Manitoba where Clarence passed away on February 10, 1979. Ina still resides in Tyndall.

Hyde Clarence Dora


Anne Doreen, the eldest daughter of Clarence and Dora Hyde, was born in Winnipeg on April 26, 1927, and received her public school education there.

In 1945, Doreen married Hugh Stewart Fraser in Winnipeg and they subsequently had four children. Hugh received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology after serving with the RCAF during World War II. He worked as an exploration geologist with Inco until he retired in 1982 after 32 years with the company.

Doreen obtained her Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Brandon in 1975 and was employed as a teacher/librarian with the school district of Mystery Lake at Thompson, Manitoba, where they lived. She was working toward a degree in Educational Administration in Brandon at the time of her death on June 19, 1977.

Following his retirement, Hugh wrote a book called “A Journey North, The Great Thompson Nickel Discovery”. He now resides in Winnipeg.

doreen fraser hugh megan chris stuart

Hugh Fraser

Hugh John, the eldest child of Doreen and Hugh Fraser, was born in Winnipeg on July 24, 1949. He lives in Thompson, Manitoba where he is the vice-principal of a secondary school.

On September 5, 1970 Hugh married Penelope Glynes Delance at Nipawin, Saskatchewan. Penny works as a registered nurse at Thompson General Hospital. Hugh and Penny have two children.

Megan Gwyneth, daughter of Hugh and Penny Fraser, was born July 5, 1974.

Christopher Hugh, son of Hugh and Penny Fraser, was born May 25, 1977.


Stuart Fraser

Stuart Duncan, the second son of Doreen and Hugh Fraser, was born May 18, 1954 in Copper Cliff, Ontario. Stuart is single and is a teacher in Ottawa, Ontario.


Sheilagh Fraser

Sheilagh Anne, daughter of Doreen and Hugh Fraser, was born in Thompson on December 12, 1959. She currently resides in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.


James Fraser

James, the fourth child of Doreen and Hugh Fraser, was stillborn in Thompson in 1962.


Hyde norman joyceNORMAN HYDE
(submitted 1989)

Norman George, the second child of Clarence and Dora Hyde, was born March 2, 1929 in Winnipeg. He attended schools in Winnipeg and St. Boniface to the completion of grade 10.

On July 30, 1949 Norman married Joyce Ethel Theobald, daughter of George and Olga Theobald of Winnipeg, and they have five children. Norman was a truck driver and mechanic. He drove transport trucks on long distance hauling for 30 years for which he received several driving awards. He also owned two trucks for five years. He gave up driving and (along with Joyce) caretakes a 127-apartment building.

Norman and Joyce lived in Winnipeg until 1966 when they moved to Thunder Bay, Ontario.


Margorie (Hyde) Forneri

Margorie Lynn (Bunny), the eldest child of Norman and Joyce Hyde, was born March 22, 1951. She attended Lord Kitchener School in Winnipeg for seven years and completed her education in Thunder Bay at Lakehead High were she graduated from grade 12.

On February 3, 1973 Bunny married James Forneri (born November 25, 1951). He has worked for Great Lakes Paper for 15 years. Bunny and James have one son.

David Norman, adopted son of Bunny and James Forneri, was born July 6, 1981 and started grade 1 in 1987.

Margorie Jim Forneri David Terry Bonny Hyde Danielle

Terry Hyde

Terry Wayne, the second child of Norman and Joyce Hyde, was born June 1, 1954. He attended school in Winnipeg, and Claude Garton School in Thunder Bay—where he completed grade 12.

On July 1, 1978 Terry married Bonny Leaf (born October 17, 1954). Terry was a truck driver before becoming a salesman for a florist business, then an electrical salesman. Terry and Bonny reside in Thunder Bay with their two daughters.

Danielle Lynn, daughter of Terry and Bonny Hyde, was born April 14, 1983 and began kindergarten in 1987.

Reneé, second daughter of Terry and Bonny Hyde, was born March 19, 1986.


hyde george diane robynGeorge Hyde

George Victor, the third child of Norman and Joyce Hyde, was born January 17, 1957 and attended public school in Winnipeg, and Thunder Bay where he completed grade 11 at Lakeview High School. He has resided in Thunder Bay since moving there with his family in 1966.

On May 28, 1977 George married Diane Beverly Gibson (daughter of Jack and Reeta Gibson of Ottawa, Ontario) and they have one daughter. George is a transport driver and currently attends Lakehead University where he will obtain a Mechanical Engineering Degree in 1990.

Robyn Lindsay, daughter of George and Diane Hyde, was born March 6, 1979.


Dale (Hyde) Dowaniuk

Dale Marie, the second daughter of Norman and Joyce Hyde, was born January 17, 1957. She began her education in Winnipeg and continued at Lakehead High in Thunder Bay to the completion of grade 10.

On February 28, 1974 Dale married Robert Dowaniuk (born 1957). Robert has worked for Abitibi Paper for the past fifteen years. Dale is a homemaker and mother to their three daughters.

Dowaniuk Robert Dale Belinda Melissa Amanda

Belinda Marie, eldest daughter of Dale and Robert Dowaniuk, was born February 3, 1974 and attends school in Thunder Bay.

Melissa Ann, the second daughter of Dale and Robert Dowaniuk, was born August 26, 1977 and attends school in Thunder Bay.

Amanda Lyn, the third daughter of Dale and Robert Dowaniuk, was born October 16, 1984 and also attends school in Thunder Bay.


Sharon (Hyde) Poirier

Sharon Lee, the youngest child of Norman and Joyce Hyde, was born January 24, 1961. She attended Claude Garton School until grade 8, then Lakehead High where she completed grade 11.

On July 30, 1981 Sharon married Louis Poirier (now deceased). In 1983, Sharon and her family moved back to Winnipeg where they still reside. Besides being a mother to her two children, Sharon is a school bus driver.

Raymond Jean Lucien, son of Sharon and Louis Poirier, was born August 31, 1981.

Kayleen Joyce, daughter of Sharon and Louis Poirier, was born June 21, 1984.

Poirier Sharon Louis Raymond Kayleen


Gordon Victor, the third child of Clarence and Dora Hyde, was born October 10, 1932.

On February 23, 1957 Gordon married Joyce Sydney Gaudrey and they had two children prior to a divorce.

On February 28, 1977 Gordon married Gloria Francis and they have two daughters. They live in Nipigon, Ontario where Gordon is a butcher.


Crystal Hyde

Crystal Dawn, daughter of Gordon and Joyce Hyde, was born December 4, 1957.


Dean Hyde

Dean Gordon, son of Gordon and Joyce Hyde, was born April 15, 1961.

On February 19, 1984 Dean married Leanne Carpenter. They are now divorced. Dean served in the Persian Gulf war of 1991, stationed in Qatar.


Leanne Hyde

Leanne, daughter of Gordon and Gloria Hyde, was born March 18, 1978.


Racheal Hyde

Racheal Maureen, second daughter of Gordon and Gloria Hyde, was born July 25, 1980.


(submitted 1990)

Shirley Ruth, the fourth child of Clarence and Dora Hyde, was born March 19, 1934 in Winnipeg and received her education there. After she finished school, Shirley worked in Eatons groceteria before being employed at the mail order in the lingerie department.

Watson Wes ShirleyOn May 10, 1952 Shirley married George Wesley Watson, son of Frank and Gwen Watson of Winnipeg, formerly of Birds Hill, Manitoba, where Wes attended school for eight years. He worked for his father for twenty-four years in the road construction business as a heavy equipment operator and mechanic. When his father sold the business in 1972, Wes started working for Birds Hill Gravel and Stone Ltd. where he is presently employed.

Shirley loves to play the piano, especially for her grandchildren. She also likes to knit, crochet and do embroidery work. Wes likes to read and at present is setting up a model railroad layout. They have six children whom are all married. The joys of their lives are their eleven grandchildren.


Glen Watson

Glen Allen, the eldest son of Shirley and Wes Watson, was born in Winnipeg on May 29, 1953 and received his education in the River East school district. After he graduated from Kildonan East School, he worked with his father at Birds Hill Gravel and Stone for one year. On December 27, 1972, he began as an apprentice machinist with CP Rail. At present, Glen is a supervisor in charge of overhauling and repairing wrecking cranes and ballast spreaders in Weston Shops Winnipeg. In his spare time, he likes to go three-wheeling and cross country skiing.

On June 25, 1977 Glen married Heather Lynn Duguid, daughter of John and Pearl Duguid of Winnipeg. They lived in Tyndall, Manitoba for six years, then moved to North Kildonan where they have resided for the past five years. Heather worked as a secretary for the Winnipeg School Division No. 1 for five years. She enjoys crocheting, cross country skiing, and gardening in the summer. Glen and Heather have two children.

Grant Wesley, son of Glen and Heather Watson, was born April 23, 1979 in Winnipeg. He attends Springfield Heights School and likes to play soccer and hockey, and swim.

Amber Lynn, daughter of Glen and Heather Watson, was born in Winnipeg on July 17, 1985.

Watson Heather Glen Grant Amber Cheryl Dave McMechan Kevin Jeff

Cheryl (Watson) McMechan

Cheryl Lynn, the eldest daughter of Shirley and Wes Watson, was born February 11, 1956. She graduated in 1974 from Kildonan East School in Winnipeg (Business Education). Cheryl lived in Thompson from April 1979 until March 1983. She worked for Manitoba Telephone System where she met her husband who was also employed with M.T.S.

On August 30, 1980 Cheryl married David William McMechan, son of Charlie and Margaret McMechan of Deloraine, Manitoba. Cheryl and David moved to The Pas, Manitoba in March 1983 and in August 1986, moved to Brandon. Dave is a service representative for Xerox Canada Inc. and has been employed by them since February 1981. Cheryl is a homemaker. They both enjoy reading, camping, fishing, target shooting, and spending time outdoors with their two sons. On December 22, 1990 the family moved to Red Deer, Alberta where Dave is still employed by Xerox.

Kevin David, son of Cheryl and Dave McMechan, was born May 12, 1983.

Jeffrey Brian, second son of Cheryl and Dave McMechan, was born July 19, 1984.


watson trevor keith Kyle susanTrevor Watson

Trevor Craig, the third child of Shirley and Wes Watson, was born August 5, 1957 in Winnipeg and received his education there. He joined the staff of Canada Safeway in 1974 where he is a food clerk.

On September 23, 1978 Trevor married Susan Beth McLean, daughter of Ken and Bette McLean of Winnipeg. Susan was employed as a claims clerk with Reed Stenhouse Ltd. (insurance brokers) from 1974 to 1980. Trevor and Susan have two sons.

Kyle Warren, son of Trevor and Susan Watson, was born May 17, 1982 and attends Ralph Maybank School.

Keith Daniel, the second son of Trevor and Susan Watson, was born March 17, 1986.


Cindy (Watson) Goetz

Cynthia Louise (Cindy), the second daughter of Shirley and Wes Watson, was born August 17, 1959. She received her education in the River East school district, graduating from Kildonan East School with a Diploma in Institutional Services. Cindy was employed at Care-A-Lot Daycare Centre for two years, then at Concordia Hospital where she worked as a supply technician for two years.

On May 24, 1980 Cindy married Heinz Goetz, son of Gerhard and Susanna Goetz of Winnipeg. Heinz came to Canada with his family in 1964 from Paraguay, and also received his education in the River East school district. He has worked at Canada Safeway for fifteen years, presently as first assistant.

Cindy is a homemaker and mother to their two sons. In her spare time, she loves to make jigsaw puzzles; she teaches Sunday School at North Kildonan United Church. Heinz is interested in fishing, golfing, and any sporting activity.

Wayne Steven, son of Cindy and Heinz Goetz, was born December 10, 1982.

Derek Alan, the second son of Cindy and Heinz Goetz, was born August 19, 1984.

Goetz Heinz Cindy Wayne Derek

Kevin Watson

Kevin Blake, the third son of Shirley and Wes Watson, was born in Winnipeg on April 9, 1961. He received his education in the River East school district where he took his automotive course. He wrote for his diesel papers in 1983 at Red River Community College. Kevin has worked for a few truck dealerships and is presently employed at Powell Equipment as a field service representative.

On June 25, 1982 Kevin married Dawn Kathleen Sofraniuk, only daughter of Donna Sofraniuk of Winnipeg. Dawn also received her education in the River East school district and after graduating, worked for Codville as an Accounts Payable Clerk. Kevin and Dawn reside in North Kildonan with their two children.

Dustin Darrell, son of Kevin and Dawn Watson, was born May 12, 1983.

Michele Marie, daughter of Kevin and Dawn Watson, was born June 19, 1986.

Watson Olien Kevin Dustin michelle dawn rick lori leia

Lori (Watson) Olien

Laurel Lee (Lori), the youngest child of Shirley and Wes Watson, was born on May 31, 1962 and received her education at Springfield Heights and Chief Peguis schools. She quite school after grade 9 to work as a waitress at the St. Regis Hotel and save money to put herself through a hairdressing and cosmetologist course at Scientific School. She completed the course in 1979 and worked as a hair stylist for six years.

On September 25, 1982 Lori married Richard James Olien at the home of her parents, the marriage being performed by the Justice of the Peace. Rick was born in Winnipeg on February 8, 1962, the son of Jim and Arlene Olien of Transcona, Winnipeg. He completed his education at Transcona Collegiate and worked at Co-op Implements as a spot welder and general assembler. He is presently employed as a machinist for CP Rail.

Lori enjoys rug hooking in her spare time and also does hairdressing. She likes to do massages and hopes to take a reflexology course some day. Rick loves to play his guitar, golf, fish, and the outdoors in general. They have one daughter.

Leia Ashley, daughter of Lori and Rick Olien, was born in Winnipeg on January 21, 1985.


(submitted 1988)

William Denis, the fifth child of Clarence and Dora Hyde, was born at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg on March 2, 1936 and attended Kitchener School in North Kildonan. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces where he was an Air Force Instruments Technician (1953 – 1972).

On November 16, 1957 Denis married Lorna May Skrupski (born October 17, 1940), daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Nick Skrupski, in Winnipeg. Lorna received her education at Garson Senior Secondary School in Garson, Manitoba.

Following basic training at Camp Borden, Ontario in 1953, Denis and family have lived in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba (1954), Germany (1955), Winnipeg (1955 – 60), Edmonton (1960 – 65), Ottawa (1965 – 71), and Selkirk, Manitoba. During his military career, Denis travelled to much of Europe, the Gaza Strip in the Middle East, the Belgian Congo in Africa, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in the Persian Gulf.

In the spring of 1972, Denis, Lorna and their three children moved to White Rock, B.C. In 1973, he founded Ocean Park Home Improvements in White Rock where he has since been active as a building contractor. Lorna was the owner/operator of The Jewellery Shoppe in White Rock (1976 – 79) and a salesperson for Peoples Credit Jewellers (1979 – 87). She has since completed a dental receptionist course in 1988.


Grant Hyde

William Grant, son of Denis and Lorna Hyde, was born in Winnipeg on June 6, 1958. He graduated from Semiahmoo Senior Secondary School in June 1976 and has an Industrial First Aid A Ticket. Grant is a medical attendant and apprentice carpenter, and has been a volunteer fireman since 1979. He has resided in Fort St. John, B.C. since 1980 and enjoys hockey, fishing and hunting.

On September 15, 1984 Grant married Beverly Lynn Enright, daughter of Russel and Mary Enright of Westbank, B.C. Beverly is a security guard and they have two children.

William Scott, son of Grant and Beverly Hyde, was born August 27, 1985.

Stephani Lynn, daughter of Grant and Beverly Hyde, was born February 29, 1988.


Bradley Hyde

William Bradley, the second son of Denis and Lorna Hyde, was born November 9, 1961 in Edmonton, Alberta. He graduated from Semiahmoo Senior Secondary School in June 1979 and has an Industrial First Aid A Ticket. He attended Douglas College in Surrey, B.C. 1985 – 87, and is currently attending New Caledonia College at Prince George in the registered nursing program.

Bradley has worked with the Canadian Coast Guard during summers since 1983. His activities include hockey, skiing, camping, and mountain biking. He is single (and loving it!)


Tammy (Hyde) Miller

Tammy Lee, daughter of Denis and Lorna Hyde, was born May 26, 1964 in Edmonton, Alberta. She graduated from Semiahmoo Senior Secondary School in June 1982 and attended Quantlan College in Surrey 1982 – 83 taking office administration. Tammy took a Moore Perry Conveyancing Course in 1983 and is currently a legal conveyancing secretary in Vancouver. She resides in Richmond and enjoys skiing, fitness, reading, and cooking. She was born to shop!

In the summer of 1988, Tammy married Wayne Miller, son of Dave and Shelagh Miller of Victoria, B.C. Wayne is a computer programmer/analyst.


(submitted 1990)

Lois Marjorie, the youngest child of Clarence and Dora Hyde, was born August 8, 1944 and received her education in Winnipeg.

On April 27, 1963 Lois married Robert William Eltz, adopted son of the late Henry and Madge Eltz of Winnipeg. Lois and Robert moved to Thompson, Manitoba in 1965 where Robert was director of maintenance at the General Hospital. In October 1991, they moved to Provost, Albert where Robert has continued with hospital maintenance. They have two daughters.


Drinda (Eltz) Weitz

Drinda Arlene, daughter of Lois and Robert Eltz, was born in Winnipeg on August 22, 1964 and educated in Thompson. She spent five years in air cadets, receiving a flying scholarship. She went on to the air force, spending 4 ½ years as an assistant air traffic controller. Drinda is now living in Calgary training to be a dental assistant.

On August 25, 1990 Drinda married Doug Weitz in Calgary.


Colleen Eltz

Colleen Elizabeth, the second daughter of Lois and Robert Eltz, was born in Thompson on June 26, 1968. She was educated in Thompson where she spent many years playing ringette and later played on a women’s team. Colleen worked part time for the city of Thompson. She is presently living in Calgary and attending school to become a corrections officer. She has a daughter.

Ashley Arlene, daughter of Colleen Eltz, was born June 11, 1987 in Thompson, Manitoba.



(by daughter Ruth)

Violet Alice Hyde, the fifth and youngest child of Ruth and George Hyde, was born at Grenfell, Saskatchewan on March 9, 1904. She attended school at Grenfell and Rocanville before working as a homemaker at Moosomin.

On June 30, 1923 Violet married Roswell Mellick at Regina. Roswell was born in Bad Axe, Michigan on August 8, 1897, son of Alonzo and Emma Mellick. He served in the First World War from 1915 to 1917 when he was severely wounded and eventually sent home. Violet and Roswell farmed in the Rapid City area of Manitoba until 1938, then moved to Minnedosa with their three children. They were divorced in 1962. Roswell resides in Rivers, Manitoba.

Violet worked as a homemaker for a number of years until she was forced to retire due to ill health. She resided in a seniors’ home in Brandon until her sudden death on August 12, 1990.

violet mellick

(submitted 1988)

Roger George, the eldest child of Violet and Roswell Mellick, was born August 31, 1924 in Rapid City, Manitoba. He completed grade 10 at Minnedosa Collegiate and attended Brandon Technical School to study Auto Mechanics.

In 1948, Roger married Anne Dyck of Morden, Manitoba and they have one son. He served four years in the army during World War II and three years in the Royal Canadian Air Force, 1951 to 1954. Roger is presently an auto technician and they reside in Winnipeg.


Wayne Mellick

Wayne Douglas, the only child of Roger and Anne Mellick, was born on November 28, 1950. He completed grade 11 at Souris Valley Regional School and obtained his grade 12 through a Department of Education test in 1984.

On June 8, 1972 Wayne married Irene Therese Marie Everton, daughter of William Bert and Therese Everton of Winnipeg. Irene has been employed by Great- West Life Assurance Company since 1972 (except for 16 months in 1980 – 81) where she is currently manager of technical services. Wayne and Irene reside in St. Andrews, Manitoba with their two sons.

Wayne graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and Canadian Studies from the University of Winnipeg in October 1987. He is presently completing a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Manitoba while working as a graduate student and teaching assistant. While attaining his Bachelor of Arts Degree, Wayne received the following awards: Saul Simkins Scholarship for Canadian Studies; Jessiman Scholarship for Political Science; and General Proficiency Scholarship.

Jeffrey Bert Roger, son of Wayne and Irene Mellick, was born November 25, 1983.

Eric Raymond Phillip, the second son of Wayne and Irene Mellick, was born October 17, 1988.

mellick wayne irene jeffrey eric


Verna Mellick Patrick Joseph VienneauVerna Luzetta, daughter of Violet and Roswell Mellick, was born on July 4, 1925 at Rocanville, Saskatchewan. She attended school at Wallace in the Municipality of Saskatchewan and also at Minnedosa, Manitoba.

On October 18, 1942 Verna married Patrick Joseph Vienneau at Rapid City, Manitoba. Patrick was born March 17, 1917 at Robertville, New Brunswick, son of Theodore and Theresa Vienneau. He served in the Second World War from 1942 to 1945.

Verna and Patrick then moved to Vernon, and later to Campbell River, B.C. Patrick worked in the construction business for several years, then owned and operated a commercial fishing boat. They had three children.

Verna died accidentally on September 26, 1964.

Patrick later returned to New Brunswick where he married Sylvia Roy of Bathurst. Patrick died of heart disease on April 6, 1986.


Charlotte (Vienneau) Primeau

Charlotte Ann, daughter of Verna and Patrick Vienneau, was born January 3, 1944 in Minnedosa, Manitoba. She attended Campbell River Junior Senior High School in British Columbia, completing grade 12, before taking secretarial/bookkeeping courses in Wheat City Business College in Brandon, Manitoba.

On November 10, 1964 Charlotte married Otto Detley Schack Von Brockdorff, son of Edith and the late Christian Franz Schack Von Brockdorff of Campbell River, B.C. Otto was a photographer in the United States Army, 1964 – 1972. They had one son prior to their divorce in Columbus, Georgia in 1973.

On February 14, 1973 Charlotte married Joseph Theophile Primeau, Jr., son of Aimee Marie (Roberge) and Joseph Theophile Primeau of Minot, North Dakota. Joe was a combat photographer in the United States Army, 1964 – 1973; a military social worker, 1973 – 1981; a senior medical sergeant/first sergeant, 1981 – 1986; retired 1986. He is now a full-time student at Troy State University, Alabama, working on his graduate program Masters Degree in Personnel Management.

Joe’s service merits include two purple hearts, three meritorious service medals, four army commendation medals, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. His civilian achievement is his Bachelor of Science Degree attained from Chaminade University in Honolulu, Hawaii in March 1987.

Charlotte became a United States citizen in Honolulu in June 1980. As a civilian worker in the U.S. Army, she helped establish Aliamanu Military Reservation Library, Hawaii, built in an extinct volcano crater, and received an army commendation award and $100 incentive award in 1982.

Charlotte and Joe have two children. Travel has provided the family with numerous experiences, colourful interests, and too many anecdotes to list.

Primeau Charlotte Joe Kristian Ann

Kristian Detley, son of Charlotte and Otto Schack Von Brockdorff and adopted by Joe Primeau, was born December 3, 1966 in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He graduated from navy basic training in Orlando, Florida in September 1984, and was an active U.S. Navy Reservist, 1984 – 89.

Ann Marie, adopted daughter of Charlotte and Joe Primeau, was born in Seoul, Korea on August 1, 1969. She graduated from Kendrick High School in June 1987 and has been involved in community work (church, school, committees, etc.). She joined the Roman Catholic Church, Honolulu, Hawaii in November 1982 with Father Maurice McNealy.


Ross Vienneau

Roswell Patrick, son of Verna and Patrick Vienneau, was born in Vernon, B.C. on January 22, 1947. Ross attended Willow Point Elementary School, then Campbell River Junior Senior High School (CARIHI) and completed grade 10 occupational program. In 1965, he began working for B.C. Forest Service and later went into construction (laborer) in various places. In 1967, he entered logging in various smaller companies and in 1968, worked as an office clerk for a concrete company.

On September 27, 1969 Ross married Christina Jean Grove (born October 5, 1945 in Garden Bay, B.C.) the only daughter of Oscar and Camillia Glover of Campbell River. Christina worked as a clerk/typist and then a homemaker. They have two children.

Ross is interested in hunting, salmon fishing and building. He has completed industrial first aid courses and holds an “A” ticket; he also holds a B.C. government weighscale license. In his school years, he was involved with the sea cadets of the Admiral DeWolfe Corps.

Robert Grove John-Paul Vienneau Christina Ross

Robert Alexander Grove, son of Christina and stepson of Ross Vienneau, was born in Campbell River, B.C. on April 12, 1966.

John-Paul David Patrick, son of Ross and Christina Vienneau, was born in Campbell River on August 5, 1976.

Robert Vienneau


Robert Vienneau

Robert John, the third child of Verna and Patrick Vienneau, was born April 9, 1958. He attended school in Campbell River until 1967, then moved to New Brunswick to reside with his father Patrick and stepmother Sylvia, where he completed his education.

Robert is now employed as a hairdresser in Victoria, B.C. where he lives.


(submitted 1991)

Ruth Emma, the youngest child of Violet and Roswell Mellick, was born October 9, 1930 at Rapid City, Manitoba. She attended school at Minnedosa, after which she attended Wheat City Business College in Brandon. Ruth completed a bookkeeping course in 1948 and held the position of bookkeeper for various companies until she retired on September 30, 1982.

On August 5, 1950 Ruth married George Joseph Jorgenson and they had three children. George was employed with Coca-Cola Company as a plant superintendent until his death on February 20, 1973 due to a heart attack.

On July 6, 1978 Ruth married John Edwin Yeo, son of Major and May Yeo of Brandon, Manitoba. Ed was employed by the CPR from 1941 to 1983 when he retired from his position of yardmaster. Ruth and Ed now reside at Rivers, Manitoba.

Jorgenson ruth george deborah richard pamela Ed Ruth Yeo

Pamela (Jorgenson) Schlenker

Pamela Diane, daughter of Ruth and George Jorgenson, was born June 20, 1951 in Brandon and graduated from Vincent Massey High School in 1968.

schlenker douglas carl pamOn May 1, 1975 Pam married Carl Volker Schlenker, the son of Hilda and Ernst Schlenker. Carl and his family immigrated to Canada from Schwenningen, Germany when Carl was six years of age. For the first twelve and a half years of their marriage, Pam and Carl lived in the small community of Spruce Grove, just west of Edmonton, Alberta, where their son was born. In June 1987, they moved to an acreage just north of Stony Plain, Alberta.

Pam was employed in the radio advertising business for a number of years before deciding to further her education in 1986. The radio stations where she worked included CKX in Brandon, CJOB in Winnipeg, CHQT, CJCA, and CKXM in Edmonton. In April 1988, Pam graduated from Grant MacEwan Community College with a Diploma in Audio/Visual Communications.

Carl has worked at R. Angus Alberta Limited since 1975; in the spring of 1990, the family was transferred to White Rock, B.C.

Douglas Matthew, son of Pam and Carl Schlenker, was born May 10, 1978.


Deborah (Jorgenson) Cameron

Deborah Leigh, the second daughter of Ruth and George Jorgenson, was born March 1, 1956 at Brandon, Manitoba. She attended J.R. Reid Elementary School, Earl Oxford Junior High and Neelin High School in Brandon where she graduated in 1975. She went on to attend Assiniboine Community College and completed a course in Architectural Drafting, but was unable to secure employment in that field. Deborah has since been employed with the Royal Bank of Canada, on and off, for the past 13 years.

On August 4, 1978 Deborah married Randy James Cameron, son of Donald and Helen Cameron of Carievale, Saskatchewan. They lived in Regina where Randy was employed with Deutz-Allis Farm Equipment as a regional sales manager. Deborah and Randy had two sons prior to their divorce in December 1990. Deborah now resides in Winnipeg with her sons and Randy is in Toronto.

Christopher James, son of Deborah and Randy Cameron, was born May 22, 1980.

Craig William, the second son of Deborah and Randy Cameron, was born July 4, 1983.

cameron jorgenson christopher randy deborah craig richard marlene

Richard Jorgenson

Richard Clark, son of Ruth and George Jorgenson, was born July 5, 1962 at Brandon, Manitoba. He attended J.R. Reid and Park elementary schools and Earl Oxford Junior High School where he was very active in sports, especially running, and won several awards. After completing grade 9, Richard worked with a janitorial service. He later upgraded his education to a grade 12 level. He now works with Zipper Courier as an owner/operator driver in Winnipeg.

On August 5, 1985 Richard married Marlene Marie Duhamel, daughter of Rita and the late Anthony Joseph Duhamel of Atikoken, Ontario. They are now separated.