8) Alfred Millham


Alfred, the seventh child and fourth son of Charles and Sarah Millham, was born at Headingly on December 30, 1873 and was baptized there on February 1, 1874. He moved with his family to Minnedosa and later to Hazelcliffe.

Following his eighteenth birthday, Alfred made entry for NW22-18-33 W1 on January 20, 1892, and continued to live with his parents while he performed his homestead duties. By 1899, he had broken 45 acres and had 30 acres in crop. Alfred completed his application for patent of his homestead on August 23, 1899, and the grant was issued on March 26, 1900.

Alfred died on October 21, 1899 due to pneumonia. The title to his homestead passed to Edward McLong, the public administrator for the judicial district of Eastern Assiniboia, on October 23, 1900. Charles Millham obtained title on November 18, 1902, the property being valued at $400.

Alfred Millham tombstone

Application for Homestead patent

Homestead grant