5) George Millham


(by the family)

George William Millham, the second son of Charles and Sarah Millham, was born at Headingly on July 19, 1868 and baptized there on August 16 of the same year.

On July 29, 1886 George made entry for a homestead at Shellmouth, Manitoba, SE2-23-29 W1. After his family moved to the Hazelcliffe district, he followed and applied for NW2-19A-1 W2, six miles south of the present town of Esterhazy and near the north bank of the Qu’Appelle Valley. While working as a cook in a lumber camp on the Bird Tail Creek, he selected good logs for a house, peeled and piled them in the bush. During the summer, he hauled those logs to his quarter section and built a house 16 feet by 14 feet; the logs were then plastered. Lumber was used for the upper section. The next year, he selected oak logs and inserted them at the bottom of the other logs for a foundation. The house was still in use by the Babyaks in 1940 and stood for years after that.

On April 19, 1899 George married Jane Isabel Roberts in Wapella with Rev. Morrison officiating. Isabel was born in Carwood, Yorkshire, England on March 16, 1881. They lived on the homestead, where their first four children were born, while George continued to expand his operation. In 1907, because of poor crop prospects, the family moved into Esterhazy where two more sons were born.

George continued to buy, sell and rent out land for the rest of his life. He was a bulk dealer for BA Oil from 1918-1922. Tragedy struck when Isabel died in Brandon General Hospital on February 22, 1922. In the following year, George bought interests in oil properties in California where he spent many winters. He also spent time in St. James, Winnipeg, where he owned a house.

George passed away at Esterhazy on July 15, 1948.

George Isabel Millham homestead


(1868 – 1948) (1881 – 1922)
Married 1899

  1. James Henry (1900-1917)
  2. Elsie Irene (1902-  )
  3. Florence Winsy (1904-  )
  4. Charles Edward (1906-1986)
  5. Richard William (1909-  )
  6. George Leonard (1912-1936)


1. James
2. Elsie – Frazer McKenzie
1. Carolyn – Verne Williams
 ….. 1. Joy 3. William
2. Shelley
 2. Fay – Raymond Morrison
1. Michael
 3. Florence – Stuart Hill
1. Joan – Bill Ritchie
1. William 2. Stuart
2. Donald – Anita Fritis
1. Michelle 3. Jason
2. Jacqueline
 4. Charles – Ida Almina (Mina) Barker
1. Darwin – Donelda Phillips
1. Darryl 4. Stacy
2. Donald 5. Shawn
3. Leslie
2. James – Jean Kozakewich
1. Allan 4. Richard
2. Sandra 5. Barry
3. Gordon – Lilly  Mae Eskelson Guest
1. Colleen 3. Lana
2. Sherri 4. Evan
4. Allan – Delaina Sadler – Nan Griffiths
 1. Scott 2. Alison
 5. Richard – Louise Kubik
1. Harvey – June Schultz
1. Kelly 2. Shelley
2. Donald – Maxine Jurick
1. William 2. Robert
 6. George



James Henry Millham, the eldest son of George and Isabel Millham, was born February 5, 1900. He spent much time in hospitals and attended school only periodically.

Jimmy died on June 10, 1917 following a long battle with tuberculosis.


(Submitted 1989)

Elsie Irene Millham, the second child of George and Isabel Millham, was born March 5, 1902 at Hazelcliffe, Northwest Territories. She was educated at Esterhazy School and then attended Wheat City Business College in Brandon. Beginning in 1920, she worked for Grant, Donald and Clements (lawyers in Esterhazy) as a stenographer. In 1922, Elsie began work at the Union Bank in Esterhazy and in the spring of 1924, was transferred to the Union Bank in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan where she worked for four years.

On December 20, 1928 Elsie married Frazer Douglas McKenzie, son of John and Caroline (Lucky) McKenzie of Vancouver, in Esterhazy. Mac was born March 29, 1889 in Wawanesa, Manitoba and was educated there before joining the Union Bank. He was a bank manager and later a financial manager.

Their two daughters were born while Elsie and Mac lived in Cut Knife. In 1939, the family moved to Vancouver where Mac passed away on March 29, 1967. He was buried in Oceanview Cemetery in Burnaby, B.C.

Elsie was involved in the first Rebekah Lodge at Esterhazy, called “Wohelo” Rebekah Lodge, joining in January 1924. She then transferred to Brilliant Rebekah Lodge in Cut Knife where she became Noble Grand in January 1927, and remained active in the lodge until the 1940’s.

Frazer and Elsie McKenzieShe began her curling career in earnest in the 1949-50 season at the Vancouver Curling Club. As well as being an avid curler, Elsie was active on the executive, as president of the B.C. Ladies Curling Association in 1954 and later as president of the Western Canada Ladies Curling Championship in 1956. She has been a member in several curling clubs in B.C.’s lower mainland and has curled in Scotland and Germany many times, and once in Switzerland. In 1969, Elsie’s team of Canadian Grannies won the Johnny Walker Gold Plate in a mixed bonspiel in Aviemore, Scotland. At the age of 87 Elsie, as a skip, is still curling and attending bonspiels.

Elsie has continued to live in the lower mainland of B.C., now White Rock.

(submitted 1989)

Carolyn Isabel, daughter of Elsie and Mac McKenzie, was born September 23, 1931 in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan. She began school in Cut Knife and graduated from Lord Byng High School in Vancouver in 1949. She studied music and in the summer of 1949, traveled to England and Scotland as the pianist for the Elgar Junior Choir. Carol studied music for one more year before she entered nurse’s training at Vancouver General Hospital. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from the University of British Columbia before working at Prince George Regional Hospital and then as public health nurse in Prince George and surrounding area.

Verne Williams Family Carol ShelleyOn May 15, 1958 Carol married Verne Williams in Vancouver. He was born October 28, 1929 at Shoal Lake, Manitoba, the son of the late William Silas Williams and Viola Mae (Pollock) Wickstrom. Verne attended school in Gladstone and Plumas, Manitoba before moving with his family to Vancouver where he graduated from Lord Byng High school in 1948. He joined the RCMP on September 2, 1948 and was posted in Prince George when Carol met him.

Carol and Verne lived in several places in B.C. and spent three years in Nova Scotia—returning in 1977. Verne retired from the force on September 1, 1983. He is an avid skier, snowmobiler and hunter. He has recently taken two appointments as Vernon’s coroner and commissioner for private marriages. Carol is an avid curler and golfer. She has been very active in the annual Vernon, B.C. Winter Carnival and as a past president of the Vernon Toastmasters Club. They have three children.

Joy (Williams) Gregorash

Brenda Joy, daughter of Carol and Verne Williams, was born June 8, 1959 in Prince George, B.C. She attended several schools in B.C. and graduated from high school in Nova Scotia in 1977. In 1981, she joined the RCMP as a civilian member in telecommunications.

On August 28, 1984 Joy married RCMP Constable Robert Michael Gregorash, son of Michael and Isabel Gregorash, in Vernon. Bob was born May 22, 1954 in St. Johns, Newfoundland. He was raised and schooled in Lynn Lake, Manitoba and joined the RCMP on April 24, 1974.

Joy and Bob were transferred to Prince George in July 1986. Joy left the force in February 1987 to become a full-time mother to their two daughters.

Erin Michele, daughter of Joy and Bob Gregorash, was born April 26, 1987.

Holly Isabel, the second daughter of Joy and Bob Gregorash, was born in November 1989.

Shelley Williams

Shelley Ann, the second daughter of Carol and Verne Williams, was born in Prince George, B.C. on December 17, 1960. She attended several schools in B.C. and Nova Scotia, and graduated from Vernon Senior Secondary in 1979. During 1984-85, she attended Northwest Baptist Theological College in Burnaby, B.C.

Shelley now works in an intermediate care home in Vernon. She enjoys horse back riding and baseball.

Bill Williams

William Gordon Frazer, son of Carol and Verne Williams, was born March 26, 1963, and also attended schools in B.C. and Nova Scotia. He is an avid hockey player, golfer, and snow and water skier.

In 1980, Bill began working for a sign installation company in Vernon. He moved to Calgary to work for another sign company and in 1984, bought his own company, “Above All Signs”. In 1987, Bill joined with a large company, “Artistic Signs”, and is now a part owner of this company.

(submitted 1989)

Fay Irene, the second daughter of Elsie and Mac McKenzie, was born July 5, 1935 in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan. She attended school in Vancouver, completing grade 10 at Lord Byng High School where she also studied music.

Ray Fay Michael MorrisonOn October 29, 1962 Fay married Rifleman Raymond Henry Morrison of the Queens Own Rifles of Canada, in Calgary, and they had one son. The family spent two years in Germany with the armed forces, returning to Calgary and Vancouver, where Fay now lives. Fay and Ray were divorced in 1975.

Michael Morrison

Michael Ray, son of Fay and Ray Morrison, was born April 22, 1964. He attended school in Calgary and Vancouver, and is now taking courses in Edmonton.


(submitted 1991)

Florence Wincie Millham, was born January 2, 1904, the third child of George and Isabel Millham. She moved with her family into Esterhazy in 1907 and attended school there.

On August 4, 1930 Florence married Stuart Leonard Hill in Esterhazy. Stuart, son of Asher Hill and Rose Kate Jones of Bath, Somerset, England was born November 13, 1898 in Clutten, Somerset. Stuart arrived in Esterhazy in 1915 and served in World War I as a Signalman in 2nd Division, Canadian Artillery. In 1927, he joined an airline (later CPA) as a pilot and retired in 1958 to Vancouver where he and Florence still live. They have two children.

Florence and Stuart Hill Joan Ritchie

(submitted 1991)

Joan Isabel, daughter of Florence and Stuart Hill, was born October 20, 1931 in Amos, Quebec and attended school in various towns in Quebec. She moved to Carleton Place, Ontario in 1943 and graduated from Carleton Place High School in 1951. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree at Queens’ University, Kingston, Ontario in 1954 and graduated from Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School, New York, N.Y. in 1955 before working in New York for two years. In 1957, Joan moved to Vancouver to work as a secretary for an industrial relations firm. She obtained her Bachelor of Education Degree from UBC in 1962 and taught French in Vancouver high schools from 1962 – 64.

On December 22, 1962 Joan married William Wyse Ritchie, Jr. in Vancouver. Bill was born February 6, 1932 in Vancouver, the son of William Wyse Ritchie (March 11, 1894, North Hatley, Quebec-June 1981, Vancouver) and Winifred Irene Rosa Bryant (December 26, 1892, Marshalltown, Iowa-1979, Vancouver). Bill lived all his life in Vancouver where he graduated from Magee High School in 1952, obtained his Bachelor of Commerce Degree from UBC in 1956 and MBA from Simon Fraser in 1972. He is a manager for Fleck Bros. Ltd., Vancouver. Joan and Bill have two children.

William Ritchie

William Wyse, adopted son of Joan and Bill Ritchie, was born June 5, 1966 in Vancouver. He attended Quilchena Elementary, Point Grey High, and Eric Hamber High School where he graduated in 1984. He now attends UBC, as an English major.

Stuart Ritchie

Duncan Stuart, the second adopted son of Joan and Bill Ritchie, was born December 21, 1967 in Vancouver. He also attended Quilchena Elementary School, and graduated from Point Grey High School in 1986. Stuart graduated from UBC in Computer Science in 1990 and is completing his Master’s Degree.

William Stuart Ritchie Florence Stuart Hill

(submitted 1991)

Donald Stuart, son of Florence and Stuart Hill, was born March 11, 1933 in Amos, Quebec. He attended elementary school in various Quebec towns and graduated from Albert College, Belleville, Ontario in 1952. He joined CPA in 1955 as a pilot, and is now based in Vancouver.

On October 3, 1959 Donald married Anna Teresa Fritis, daughter of Ricardo Fritis and Nene Moya, in Santiago, Chile. They have three children.

Michelle (Hill) Bailey

Michelle Anne, daughter of Donald and Anna Hill, was born October 9, 1961 in Vancouver and graduated from Crofton House School in 1979. She works in Vancouver as a secretary at UBC.

In September 1989, Michelle married Mark Bailey and now lives in Surrey, B.C.

Jacqueline Hill

Jacqueline Gail, the second daughter of Donald and Anna Hill, was born June 24, 1964 in Vancouver, and graduated from Crofton House School in 1983. She took Psychiatric Nursing at BCIT and works at Woodlands Hospital, while residing in Burnaby.

Jason Hill

Jason Donald, son of Donald and Anna Hill, was born in Vancouver on April 18, 1978 and attends Vancouver Community College School.

Hill family Jacqueline Florence Stuart Jason MIchelle


(by wife Mina, 1988)

Charles Edward Millham, the second son of George and Isabel Millham, was born on the homestead on February 23, 1906. He attended school in Esterhazy and was always active in sports, especially hockey and baseball. He attended St. Andrew’s United Church, became active in Tuxis Boys, and later was their leader.

Charlie attended Normal School in Regina in 1926-27, then taught at his first school, Irene, near Baldwinton, Saskatchewan from August to December 1927. His continued teaching career included: Beresina, near Churchbridge, February 1928 – December 1929; Dawn, near Melville, February 1930 – 31; Stirling, near Zehner, 1932 – 36; New Stockholm, July – December 1937; Scandia, 1938 – 55; St. David at Stockholm, 1955 – 66, when he retired from teaching.

On October 18, 1929 Charlie married Ida Almina (Mina) Barker in the United Church in Yorkton with Rev. Hugh McKay Lyon officiating. Mina was born May 17, 1912 to Elizabeth (Caldwell) and William Homer Barker on their homestead in the Clumber district where she attended elementary school, then secondary school in Bredenbury. Music lessons were always part of education in the family. Mina was a member of Sunday school, Mission band, etc. in Clumber, attended United Church in Bredenbury, and joined CGIT. She became a member of her father’s dance band at an early age. Charlie later joined the band with his banjo and was an excellent soloist.

Charlie and Mina continued their interest in music as they provided dance music in the districts where he taught school and encouraged music participation from pupils, including singing. They worked together to put on programs. Mina taught piano, song flute (recorder), and music in general to school pupils wherever Charlie taught, and in Stockholm.

Charlie Mina MillhamIn July, 1937 Charlie and Mina, with three sons, moved to their farm in the Scandia School district south of Stockholm, where their fourth son was born. While teaching, Charlie farmed assisted by their sons; was on the council of Fertile Belt #183 as councilor and reeve; took part in elections as speaker, chairman and worker at the polls. His venture into nomination was interesting. Mina also worked in polls at election time and is still an active Liberal. In 1940, Charlie instigated formation of the Qu’Appelle Valley field meets, with trustees and teachers from each school involved in planning and supervision. These field meets were popular and brought people, young and old, together in a common interest.

In 1955 Charlie, Mina and their youngest son Allan moved into Stockholm—Charlie to teach in St. David School and Mina to continue teaching music and take part in many community endeavours. She was news correspondent for the Melville Advance and wrote a feature article on square dancing, “Swing your Partner”, for the Advance and Esterhazy Miner. Charlie continued to farm until one very hot day he returned home to announce that he was selling the farm. Albert Shivak and Henry Tranberg were the purchasers. Machinery was sold later, after a holiday in Florida. Steel grain bins are now the only visible sign of residency.

In 1955, when Earle Park organized square dancing in Esterhazy, Charlie, Mina and Allan joined the club. Charlie was actively attending political meetings and speaking with M.P. James Gardiner, but danced too. It was the beginning of a fabulous recreation that brought much happiness through traveling and making friends in many countries. They danced with clubs that began forming in all nearby towns and, with a group of local dancers, obtained a coveted trophy donated by N.R. Park & Sons by traveling to Hudson Bay Junction one very cold wintery evening. Another time, they brought home from Florida a beautifully dressed doll, garbed square dance style, to continue her travels in Canada. From Kenosee Lake, that doll went to Stony Creek, Ontario.

Square dancing opened many doors and brought a great deal of friendship and pleasure to Charlie and Mina. Everywhere they went with a square dance tour lead by Jean and Earle Park, they danced and enjoyed dancing until Charlie suffered heart problems, then a mild stroke. He recalled their trips and especially highlights—dancing in Tokyo with Prince and Princess Mikasa (brother of Emperor Hirohito) and dancing in an ice palace in the Swiss Alps. There were many memories of dancing in Paris, Germany, England, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, as well as many cities in Canada and the United States.

Charlie and Mina spent a number of winters in Victoria, B.C. and became well-acquainted with the city; they were welcomed at square and round dances and into homes of members. When retirement time came in 1975, Charlie and Mina bought a condominium in Fairfield United Church parish. Rev. J. Bray, their minister in Stockholm and Esterhazy, informed his friend and former classmate, Dr. Harry Kerley, of the arrival of the Millhams. They were welcomed and soon became involved in many facets of Fairfield—Charlie was to become a member of the church board, usher, money counter, and did volunteer work with a group of men to renovate the church hall. Mina was nursery supervisor, accompanist for junior choir, taught Sunday School, leader of a UCW unit, vice president of the general UCW executive, and a visiting elder.

The 50th wedding anniversary in 1979, as had been the 25th , was celebrated in Pioneer Hall south of Stockholm. Bert Junek’s orchestra supplied dancing music and Earle Park called for some impromptu square dancing. Fifteen grandchildren, sixteen counting Darryl’s new bride, and one little great granddaughter, were introduced as each presented a rose to the honored couple.

In February 1986, in spite of heart problems, Charlie was invited to be guest speaker at an AOTS meeting. He spoke of “Saskatchewan’s Hidden Treasure”, telling of potash discovery and mining. Samples of ore were of much interest to the group as mining is thought to be dirty and black, not crystal and pink.

On June 20, 1986 after being home from hospital for only two days, Charlie suffered cardiac arrest. Burial was in Royal Oak Cemetery.

(continued by son Gordon)

Mom died on September 19, 1989 in Victoria, apparently due to a stroke. Following cremation, her ashes were placed beside Dad’s in the Royal Oak Cemetery in Oak Bay. She had spent much of her last summer visiting family and friends in Saskatchewan.

Charlie Millham family Jim Allan Charlie Mina Gordon Darwin

(submitted 1991)

Darwin Barker, the eldest son of Charlie and Mina Millham, was born February 2, 1930 at Bredenbury, Saskatchewan. While attending school at Scandia, he helped on the family farm. In 1947, he worked at lake resorts before being employed in eastern Canada for two years, and in a B.C. sawmill for a year. From 1951 – 54, Darwin served in the Occupation Forces in Germany as a member of Canadian Scottish Battalion and was in England for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Donelda and Darwin MillhamOn November 13, 1954 Darwin married Donelda Anne Phillips at Nipawin, Saskatchewan where she was born on March 3, 1932. They had met in 1951 and kept in touch while Darwin was overseas. They farmed for three years before moving, with their son, to Alberta where Darwin was employed by the trucking and construction industries. Four more sons were born in Alberta. In 1965, the family returned to Saskatchewan and resumed farming.

In 1966, Darwin managed the bowling alley in Esterhazy and in 1969 – 70, the alley in Melville while Donelda took

over the Esterhazy alley. Donelda worked at the SAAN store in Esterhazy 1970 – 78 and 1982 to present. Darwin operated a garage in Stockholm, was a heavy duty mechanic at the K1 potash mine, worked for the Village of Stockholm for four years, and is now a private contractor.

Darwin and Donelda reside at Bird’s Point, Round Lake during summer and in Stockholm for winter. They are active in community affairs, including the Lions Club, and enjoy bowling in Esterhazy. Darwin was an avid ball player and coach, and promoted the game in the community.

Darryl Millham

Darryl Wayne, the eldest of Darwin and Donelda Millham, was born November 4, 1955. He graduated from grade 12 at Esterhazy High School and worked at the IMC potash mine for a while before being employed by Town & Country Decorating in Esterhazy installing carpets.

On June 23, 1979 Darryl married Deborah May Seman, daughter of Morley and Frances Seman of Stockholm, who was born February 17, 1957. Darryl adopted Deborah’s daughter from a previous marriage and three more children were born to them. They live in Regina where Darryl continues to install carpets.

Christie Dawn, daughter of Deborah Millham from a previous marriage, was born January 17, 1976. She died December 12, 1982 following a long battle with cancer.

Alyx Melissa, second daughter of Darryl and Deborah Millham, was born November 26, 1981 in Regina.

Mallory Anne, the third daughter of Darryl and Deborah Millham, was born in Regina on October 5, 1984.

Jesse Cooper, son of Darryl and Deborah Millham, was born January 5, 1990.

Darryl Deborah Millham Alyx Jesse Mallory

Donald Millham

Donald Lloyd, the second son of Darwin and Donelda Millham, was born March 30, 1957. He had a genetic disability and died in a Calgary hospital in March, 1969.

Leslie Millham

Leslie Charles, the third son of Darwin and Donelda Millham, was born October 13, 1958 and attended Esterhazy School to the completion of grade 10. He later obtained his grade 12 diploma by writing GED exams. He is a keen hockey and ball player.

On July 9, 1988 Leslie married Donna Mintram, daughter of Howard and Pat Mintram of Yorkton. Leslie and Donna lived in Rhein while he was employed with the Mintram business, M & M Water Supplies & Trenching. They now live in Yorkton and Leslie works for Miki’s Lock, Glass and Saw Service. Leslie and Donna have two children as well as Donna’s two daughters from a previous relationship—Sherri, age 11 and Ember, age 5.

Leslie Charles, son of Leslie and Donna Millham, was born July 12, 1989.

Savannah Donelda Patricia, daughter of Leslie and Donna Millham, was born July 31, 1990.

Leslie Millham family Donna Savannah Sherri Ember

Stacey Millham

Stacy Darwin, the fourth son of Darwin and Donelda Millham, was born September 6, 1963. He received his education in Stockholm and Esterhazy, and enjoys playing ball and hockey.

On July 31, 1987 Stacy married Barbara Patricia Isaac and two children were born to them prior to their separation. Stacy is presently working on construction in Saskatoon, and has custody of their son, Mik.

Stacy Darwin Jr., newborn son of Stacy and Barbara Millham, passed away December 2, 1988 in Regina General Hospital.

Antony Mik, son of Stacy and Barbara Millham, was born in January 1990.

Millham Stacy Mik Shawn

Shawn Millham

Shawn Buddy, the youngest son of Darwin and Donelda Millham was born May 18, 1965. He attended Esterhazy School to grade 10 and obtained his grade 12 diploma through GED exams. He also enjoys playing ball and hockey. Shawn is living in Regina where he works on construction.

(submitted 1991)

James William, the second son of Charles Edward and Ida Almina Millham, was born November 12, 1933 when my father was teaching at Stirling School in the Foxleigh district north of Regina. A few years later, in the depths of the depression, we moved to Esterhazy to live with Grandpa George Millham for a while. He then lived in a big house where Tag’s Plumbing shop is now located. His house was cut in two in 1942, one half being moved to Uncle Dick’s farm south of Esterhazy and the other half, south of Stockholm to our farm.

In June 1937, we moved to the farm six miles south of Stockholm near the Qu’Appelle Valley where I grew up. Dad had a teaching position at New Stockholm School for six months and then at Scandia School, almost across the road from the farmhouse. The farm was rented by a neighbor, Mike Koch, and the yard was overgrown with rose bushes and weeds. In 1939 or 1940, Mike gave up the farm as many young people left for the war, thus reducing help in the neighborhood. Dad then began farming himself, with two horses and little equipment.

I attended Scandia School with Dad as teacher until I finished grade 10. Most of the boys left school at the end of grade 8 or 9 but I had already decided not to stay on the farm. I often regret the passing of the rural one-room school. Older students learned to take responsibility for the younger students and beginners learned from older schoolmates. I believe it created a better social situation than in larger schools were students associate only with children of their own age.

The two red-letter days in our school year were the field meet and the Christmas concert. Scandia School set high standards in both, largely because of the encouragement of both my mother and father.

I completed high school in the Stockholm Separate School, taught by Sisters Blanda Barilla and Rita Kulcsar. I am still grateful to them for the time and effort they put into my education.

In 1954, I graduated from Moose Jaw Teachers’ College and then taught my first year in New Stockholm School. It was then that I realized how little a year of Teachers’ College could prepare me for the realities of teaching in a rural school. After spending the summer at the university, I decided to see new areas of the province and accepted a position at Eastend, a pretty village in the southeast corner of the Cypress Hills. The following year, I was fifty miles farther into the southwest corner of the province, in isolated ranching country.

I decided then to leave teaching and spent the summer on ranches near Govenlock, and worked south of Eastend through harvest. For a while, I worked in a store in Indian Head. The work was much easier than teaching but didn’t give any sense of accomplishment. In January I went back to teaching, in a rural school south of Qu’Appelle. My next school was north of Ituna and it was there I met my wife.

On October 11, 1958 I married Jean Kozakewich, daughter of Harry and Anastasia Kozakewich. In 1961, we moved to Kelliher where I began teaching English in the high school, and where our first two children were born.

I had been taking university classes through the years and in 1964 we decided to move to Saskatoon to take a full year of classes. It was then that I specialized in Canadian History and began to write a newspaper column about western Canadian settlement, called “Prairie Trails”.

Jim Millham family

We moved to Wishart in the fall of 1966 where I became the Social Studies teacher. Three more children were born to us there. After a few years, we bought a house in Wishart and became involved in activities of the school, church and community. I served time as chairman of the Shamrock Teachers’ Association, mayor of Wishart, and chairman of St. Joseph’s Hospital, among other community activities.

For the past several years, I have taught Industrial Arts (shop) classes and Computer Literacy as well as History, and was also vice-principal, a position that I retired from in 1987 to reduce my teaching to half-time. I have not yet made plans for full retirement.

Allan Millham

Allan James, the eldest son of Jim and Jean Millham, was born December 8, 1962 in Esterhazy. He took his schooling in Wishart and at St. Vladimir’s College in Roblin, Manitoba. He worked as a service station attendant for several years, attending the University of Regina part time.

In 1987, Allan earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics, and became a sales representative for an office equipment firm. He then joined Pastel, and later transferred to Direct West Publishers who now handle telephone directory advertising. He recently bought a mobile trailer in Balgonie and moved out of the city.

Sandra (Millham) Sikorski

Sandra Jean, the elder daughter of Jim and Jean Millham, was born November 26, 1963. She completed grade 12 in Wishart and worked for a short time prior to her marriage.

On April 16, 1983 Sandra married Myron Sikorski of Kelliher, son of Stanley and Kathy Sikorski. They have two daughters and live in Esterhazy where Sandra works at St. Anthony’s Hospital and Myron is employed at the K2 potash mine.

Lindsay Rae, daughter of Sandra and Myron Sikorski, was born on June 17, 1984 at Esterhazy. She attends Gillen School and is involved in figure skating.

Leah Danielle, the second daughter of Sandra and Myron Sikorski, was born May 19, 1987 in Esterhazy, and is also involved in figure skating.

Joanne Millham

Joanne Lynn, the second daughter of Jim and Jean Millham, was born May 1, 1967. She attended school in Wishart, graduating in 1985, and completed a hairdressing course at Marvel Beauty School the following year. She now works as a hairdresser in Prince Albert.

Joanne plans to enter the College of Education in the near future, and has a wedding planned for 1992.

Richard Millham

Richard Charles, the second son of Jim and Jean Millham, was born July 1, 1968, and attended Wishart School and St. Vladimir’s College. He is presently enrolled in the College of Arts and Science at the University of Saskatchewan where he is taking classes in History and Computers.

Barry Millham

Barry William, the youngest child of Jim and Jean Millham, was born May 23, 1970 and completed grade 12 in Wishart in 1988. He attended Palliser Campus of SIAST in Moose Jaw and completed a course in Autobody Repair. Barry is presently employed as a painter at Royal Ford Autobody in Yorkton.

(submitted 1991)

Gordon Charles the third son of Charles and Mina Millham, was born on March 17, 1935 in a private nursing home in Regina. Charlie was teaching at Stirling School and the family lived in the teacherage until 1937, when they moved to Esterhazy. Later the family moved to the farm south of Stockholm and Gordon attended Scandia School from 1941 to 1950. He quit school temporarily in the spring of 1951 to do the spring work on the farm and then completed grades ten to twelve at the Stockholm R.C. Separate School, with senior matriculation in 1954.

Post secondary education consisted of two years in the College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan, then a year at Saskatchewan Teachers’ College, Saskatoon, graduating with a Standard A certificate in June 1957. His first teaching assignment was in Pretoria School just south of Aberdeen, where he taught 13 students from grades one to eight.

On July 12, 1958 Gordon married Lilly Mae Eskelson Guest (born June 22, 1937), daughter of David and Lilly Guest of Wadena. The wedding took place in the original Wadena United Church. They moved to Moose Jaw where Gordon was vice-principal in Westmount School and then Queen Elizabeth School. Their first child was born in Moose Jaw.

The family moved to Nipawin where Gordon taught grade 8 from 1960 to 1962 before moving to Saskatoon for a year while he completed his Bachelor of Education Degree. He again taught in Nipawin for 1963- 64 where their second child was born.

In the summer of 1964, Gordon moved his family to Lemberg and began teaching high school maths and sciences. He became principal of the consolidated school in January of 1965. Jack Pekrul, the postmaster, invited Gordon and Lilly Mae to the first square dance of the season and with the encouragement of Jack and his wife Elsie, and Leonard and Elsie Schick, Gordon and Lilly Mae became avid square dancers with the Lemberg and Lorelie clubs.

The next move was to the Wadena School Unit for one year in the high school of Kelvington (1965-66), then to the high school in Archerwill. Gordon again served as principal in Archerwill from February 1969 until June 1970. Two more children joined the family. In an effort to continue the square dancing started in Lemberg, Gordon and Lilly Mae organized the

Friendly Set square dance club and Gordon enjoyed a short but intensive career of square dance calling. The club was small but avid, dancing every week and traveling to nearby club dances.

In July 1971, the family moved from Archerwill to Saskatoon and Gordon began a seven-year stint teaching Industrial Arts in Aberdeen Composite School, commuting each day. Lilly Mae accepted a position with Printing Services, University of Saskatchewan, in February 1975 as a photo-typesetter, then switched to operating a Copy Centre in March of 1989.

In 1978, Gordon accepted a position at the Saskatchewan School for the Deaf and remained there until 1985. He is proud to have been involved with the celebrations in 1982 when the school was renamed the R.J.D. Williams Provincial School for the Deaf. During the first few years, Gordon obtained the equivalent of a diploma in Special Education (Hearing Impaired) and was instrumental in founding the Saskatchewan Educators of the Hearing Impaired (SEHI) organization and held various positions, including president.

In February of 1986, Gordon accepted a position in Gladmar Regional High School and in September of 1986, became vice-principal. The family remained in Saskatoon, however, and Gordon became very familiar with the highway system from Saskatoon through Regina to Gladmar. Since Gladmar is so close to the border Gordon was able to make his first trip to the United States, but only as far as Plentywood, Montana.

In 1987, he headed north, to Ile-a-la-Crosse, Saskatchewan to teach homeroom grade 8 and Industrial Arts. He officially retired on June 30, 1988 after more than 30 years of teaching but was asked by the school board to return for at least one more year. He continued to teach in Ile- a-la-Crosse, changing to a grade 9 home room for the last two years, until June 28, 1991, his last official teaching day.

During Gordon’s teaching career, he has taught children of two of his father’s former students—one at the School for the Deaf, and two in Gladmar.

Gordon Millham Family

Colleen (Millham) Sakowsky

Colleen Ann, the eldest daughter of Gordon and Lilly Mae Millham, was born in Moose Jaw Union Hospital on June 16, 1959. She attended schools in Kelvington, Archerwill and Saskatoon. Colleen graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. She has nursed at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon and is now at the Royal University Hospital on the Plastic Surgery Ward.

On July 23, 1988 Colleen married Wayne Michael Sakowsky, son of Nellie and the late Joseph Sakowsky of Saskatoon, and they have a daughter. Wayne is now service technician for a dental equipment supplier.

Jenna Faye, daughter of Colleen and Wayne Sakowsky, was born April 3, 1990 in St. Paul’s Hospital, Saskatoon.

Sherri Millham

Sherri Lynn, the second daughter of Gordon and Lilly Mae Millham, was born on October 4, 1963 in Nipawin. She attended schools in Archerwill and Saskatoon, graduating with honors from Evan Hardy Collegiate.

Sherri was involved in promoting soccer as a girls’ sport in the city high schools, and continues her interest by playing and managing the Huskies (U of S) indoor and outdoor soccer teams and working for the Saskatoon and District Soccer Association as assistant co-ordinator. She has completed the requirements for her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Linguistics and an advanced certificate in Psychology.

Lana Millham

Lana Michelle, the third daughter of Gordon and Lilly Mae Millham, was born in Kelvington Hospital on June 13, 1966. It was a small hospital with only one nurse on duty on the night she was born. Byrl was a trained midwife and delivered Lana with Gordon’s help. The doctor came in later to check on the mother and baby. Lana attended College Park and Evan Hardy schools in Saskatoon. While in high school and through her university years, Lana worked at Taco Time restaurants.

She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in May 1988 with a B. Ed. In Special Education. Following graduation, Lana continued as a Taco Time manager for another year, then joined her father in Ile-a-la-Crosse as a full-time Resource Room teacher for the 1989 – 90 school year. To the regret of the staff and students, she left this position to return to Saskatoon where she did substitute teaching in 1990-91.

Evan Millham

Evan David Charles, the only son of Gordon and Lilly Mae Millham, was born in Wadena Union Hospital on March 1, 1971 while the family was living in Archerwill. He received all his schooling in College Park School and Evan Hardy Collegiate in Saskatoon.

(submitted 1991)

Allan Robert, the fourth and youngest son of Charles and Mina Millham, was born May 14, 1939 on their family farm (NW2-19A-3 W2) south of Stockholm. I attended Scandia School to grade 9, Stockholm Roman Catholic Separate High School and Esterhazy High School. While attending high school, I worked on my father’s farm, managed and performed in a dance band, and organized, taught and examined Red Cross swim classes for the East Saskatchewan Region. During my youth, I was deeply involved in music, singing with church choirs, choral groups, dance bands, and as a soloist at public events and occasionally on television (CKOS-TV Yorkton).

In 1960 I worked at various trades in Yorkton, Saskatchewan and Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta before enlisting in the Royal Canadian Navy at Calgary in November of that year. Following basic training at Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, I was posted to HMCS Antigonish stationed at Esquimalt, B.C. where I trained as a Sonarman and was promoted to Able Seaman. A transfer to Fleet Air Arm in July 1962 and training at Naval Air Training School, Shearwater, Nova Scotia were followed by a posting to VS-880 Squadron as Observer and I served ashore and afloat aboard HMCS Bonaventure.

On December 27, 1962 I married Delaina Mabel Sadler of Victoria and two children joined our family prior to our divorce in September 1978.

In 1965, I was posted to NATS for advanced training and as instructor, and was promoted to Leading Seaman. From 1965 – 67, as a member of HS-50 Helicopter Squadron, I assisted in the acceptance of the Sea-King helicopter into the Canadian Navy, and again served ashore and afloat aboard HMCS Bonaventure. I was posted to VU-33 Squadron, Victoria in July 1967 where I served until my voluntary release in November 1968.

During the course of my service in the RCN, I traveled extensively. Initially, while serving aboard HMCS Antigonish, I visited Hawaii and a number of cities on the USA and Canadian west coasts. Aboard HMCS Bonaventure, I visited ports in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, South America, and the east coast of the USA. I periodically instructed Royal Life Saving Society programs and from 1970 – 79, taught occasional skin diving classes at Victoria area high schools, and regularly taught scuba diving for local Victoria underwater organizations.

Allan and Nan MillhamAfter leaving the Canadian Armed Forces in 1968, I joined the transit division of B.C. Hydro as a night maintenance worker while attending Camosun College. In 1970, I transferred to transit operator followed by promotions to relief transit supervisor in 1973, transit supervisor in 1975, and Planning and Scheduling Supervisor in 1978. In 1980, I became Supervisor of Operational Planning for the Victoria Regional Transit System, and was the founding vice-president of the Transit Management Association and later served as secretary. From 1979 – 84, I attended the University of Victoria and graduated with a diploma in Public Administration. In 1989, I left B.C. Transit and founded my own consulting company, operating in two separate fields. Millham & Associates specializes in employment service advice, and Allan Millham Consulting specializes in Political Campaign activities.

On July 10, 1981 I married Nan Griffiths of Victoria formerly of North Vancouver. Nan has been a teacher in Victoria School District since 1974. Much of our free time still centers around water activities; we are members of the Capital City Yacht Club and of the Maritime Museum of British Columbia, and spend as much time as possible cruising the waters of the Straits of Georgia in our 1954 Grenfell Cruiser, the M.V. Chickadee. I still do some sport diving but have given up instructing to allow more time for other activities.

Since the mid-1970’s, I have been active in the Liberal Party of Canada and the B.C. Liberal Party. I’m a past co-chair of the Provincial Council, and am currently president of the Victoria Riding Association. Since 1986, I have been the publisher and editor of the Party newsletter for Vancouver Island, and editor of the Provincial Liberal Newsletter.

Scott Millham

Scott Allan, son of Allan and Delaina Millham, was born in Victoria, B.C. on September 29, 1964. He attended Oaklands, Sir James Douglas, Sundance and James Bay Community elementary schools, and Central and Cedar Hill secondary schools, all in Victoria.

Scott and Zaannetta Zaalberg of Victoria met in 1981. They have three children. After leaving school, Scott worked for a number of years in the moving industry and currently works in retail sales.

Audrie Delaina, daughter of Scott Millham and Zaannetta Zaalberg, was born May 30, 1983.

Kayla Dawn, the second daughter of Scott Millham and Zaannetta Zaalberg, was born July 28, 1987.

Tyler Scott, son of Scott Millham and Zaannetta Zaalberg, was born August 15, 1988.

Scott Iannetta Audrie Tyler Kayla Millham

Alison Millham

Alison Delaina, adopted daughter of Allan and Delaina Millham, was born in Victoria, B.C. on September 26, 1970. She attended Sundance, James Bay Community and Oaklands elementary schools, and Lansdowne and Mt. Doug secondary schools, all in Victoria.

Alison has worked in the hotel industry, and is currently studying Health Care, part time, at Camosun College.

Alison Delaina Millham



(submitted 1991)

Richard William Millham, the fifth child of George and Isabel Millham, was born in Esterhazy on May 12, 1909. He received his education in Esterhazy and in 1926, obtained employment with the Royal Bank, working in Esterhazy, Moosomin, Lancer and Dubuc. In 1929, he moved to Chicago and worked for General American Car Corporation.

On May 4, 1933 Dick married Louise Kubik, daughter of George and Mary Kubik. Louise was born February 27, 1911 in Esterhazy and attended public and high school there. Dick and Louise farmed south of Esterhazy for 10 years before moving, with their two sons, into two where a daughter joined the family. Dick worked in Sandy’s Garage for ten years and later, MacLeods Hardware, until his retirement in 1967.

Dick joined the Masons in 1953 and is a past Master of the Esterhazy Masonic Lodge. Since retirement, Dick and Louise have spent many winters in Arizona, Texas and Australia, while continuing to make their home in Esterhazy.

Dick Millham family June Marie Louise Maxine Harvey Dick Donald

(submitted 1991)

Harvey George, the elder son of Dick and Louise Millham, was born in Esterhazy on April 16, 1936 and attended public and high school there. He worked for the Saskatchewan Department of Highways and later as supervisor in quality control and production with Ipsco Steel in Regina for 25 years, until retirement.

On May 2, 1959 Harvey married June Schultz, daughter of Rudolph and Louise Schultz of Regina. June was born in Hubbard, Saskatchewan and moved to Regina with her parents. She presently works as an administrative assistant at the Northgate Mall in Regina. They have two children.

Kelly Millham

Kelly Adam, son of Harvey and June Millham, was born in Regina on October 30, 1959. He attended R.J. Davidson Elementary School and Thom Collegiate. His hobbies include playing guitar (he has received music awards), and cars. He is presently a computer technician with Sask Telecommunications.

On February 12, 1983 Kelly married Donna Lee Berner who was born October 31, 1964 in Regina, and they have a daughter. Donna also works for Sask Tel.

Krystin Lee, daughter of Kelly and Donna Millham, was born March 7, 1991.

Shelley (Millham) Lueck

Shelley Louise, daughter of Harvey and June Millham, was born November 2, 1960 in Regina and also attended R.J. Davidson School and Thom Collegiate. She entered Wascana Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences in the Diploma Nursing program and graduated in 1981 as a registered nurse.

Shelley excelled in swimming and is a National Lifeguard/Swimming Instructor. In 1975, she was a provincial novice duet champion in synchronized swimming and in 1979, the provincial novice solo champion.

Mitchell Lueck Krystin MillhamOn June 5, 1983 Shelley married Randall Darrin Lueck who was born April 14, 1960 in Regina and they have a son. Randy is a high school teacher in Weyburn, Saskatchewan and Shelley is presently the owner of a franchise—Jazzercise Incorp. She also nurses on a casual basis at Weyburn Union Hospital.

Mitchell Thomas, son of Shelley and Randy Lueck, was born April 22, 1988.

(submitted 1991)

Donald Royce, the second son of Dick and Louise Millham, was born on the family farm south of Esterhazy on August 4, 1938. He attended public school and completed his high school in Esterhazy.

In January 1959, Donald married Maxine Jurick (four years his junior), daughter of John and Lydia Jurick of Esterhazy. They moved to Regina where they lived for five years while Donald worked as a computer operator with Saskatchewan Health. They then moved back to Esterhazy and Don worked at IMC for three years in computer operations.

In 1967 Donald and Maxine, with their two sons, moved to Sydney, Australia. After extensive studying in the computer field, Don joined Qantas Airways, Australia’s national carrier, and is now a senior manager in the computer operations and telecommunications area. Maxine worked as a doctor’s receptionist for eight years in Sydney and now works as a secretary to a stockbroking firm, members of the Sydney Stock Exchange.

Bill Millham

William George, son of Donald and Maxine Millham, was born in Esterhazy on July 19, 1959.

Rachel MillhamOn April 16, 1983 Bill married Karen Reed of Auckland, New Zealand and they have a daughter. Bill presently works at Qantas Airways.

Rachel Karen, daughter of Bill and Karen Millham, was born in October 1983.

Robert Millham

Robert John, the second son of Donald and Maxine Millham, was born in Regina in October 1964. He trained in the computer field and now works in Merchant Banking (Bank of New Zealand) in the foreign exchange money market division, as a settlements advisor. Robert lives at home with his parents.

(submitted 1991)

Marie Jane, daughter of Dick and Louise Millham, was born March 3, 1945 in Esterhazy and attended school there. She moved to Regina in 1977 and has since worked as a nurses’ aide at Pioneer Village care home.

Marie has traveled extensively to such places as Vancouver, throughout the United States, and Australia, and is very interested in heritage buildings.

(by brother Dick)

George Leonard, the youngest son of George and Isabel Millham, was born August 31, 1912 in Esterhazy, and received his elementary and high school education there.

In about 1930, George moved to Ontario where he obtained his pilot’s license. He was a bush pilot for General Airways and died in a plane crash in Northern Quebec on May 23, 1936.

George Dick Millham plane

Charlie Dick Millham Florrie Hill Elsie McKenzie