13) Elizabeth (Millham) Nixon


(by son George)

Elizabeth Millham, the youngest child of Charles and Sarah Millham, was born at Minnedosa, Manitoba on December 4, 1884 and moved with her family to the Hazelcliffe district in 1891. She attended Hazelcliffe School after it opened in 1893.

On November 11, 1906 Elizabeth (known as Lizzie, and in her later years as Betty) married Robert Nicholson Nixon, the fourth son of Kendal and Jane Nixon of Wapella. Bob was born February 13, 1883 in Keswick, North Cumberland, England and in the same year, came to Canada with his mother, sister and brother to join his father and two brothers Jack and Tom who had come to Canada the previous year. When he was old enough, he was able to help on the homestead and also helped his dad build the first elevator in Wapella and a warehouse in Red Jacket. In 1904, Dad purchased the SW5-16-32. During the first winter spent on his own place, he awakened one morning and upon looking out the window, saw a big bear standing in front of his shack. The only weapon he had was a double-barreled shotgun; fortunately the bear was close enough for him to kill it.

Mother and Dad farmed in the Kendalton district northeast of Wapella (where two sons and a daughter were born to them) until 1932 when they retired and moved into Wapella. In 1968, they moved into the nursing home at Moosomin. Dad passed away December 30, 1970 and Mother on July 13, 1972.

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(1844-1972)     (1883-1970)
Married 1906

  1. George (1907-   )
  2. William (1909-1929)
  3. Marion (1916-   )


1. George – Tanyss Kydd – Edith Tudge – Jean McDonald
1. Mervyn – Elsie Schmidt
….. 1. Melody 3. Robin
2. Darryl 4. Kimberly
2. Audrey – Floyd Rousell – Max Taylor – George Denhamm
1. Brenda 2. Lona
 2. William
 3. Marion – Walter Thorn – Kay Matson
1. Marlene – Gerald Barber
. 1. Brenda 2. Darin

2. Robert – Sue McDonald
1. Brock 2. Kelly


(submitted 1988)

George, the eldest child of Elizabeth and Robert Nixon, was born on their family farm on December 28, 1907. I lived at home and helped with the farming until my marriage.

On September 18, 1929 I married Tanyss May Kydd, daughter of David and Margaret Kydd of the Woodleigh district north of Wapella. We farmed in the Trafford district east of Wapella where we raised two children. We moved into Wapella in 1958 when our son took over the farm. Following a lengthy illness, Tanyss passed away October 11, 1976.

On September 1, 1977 I married Edith Tudge and continue to live in Wapella.

[Edith passed away December 28, 1988. On September 22, 1990, George married Jean McDonald of Wapella.]

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Mervyn, son of George and Tanyss Nixon, was born April 26, 1932.

On June 10, 1954 Mervyn married Elsie Schmidt (born April 5, 1934) and they have four children. They took over his father’s farm which they operated until 1962. In 1972, the farm was sold and they moved to Abbotsford, B.C.


Melody Nixon

Melody Anne, the eldest daughter of Mervyn and Elsie Nixon, was born March 27, 1955. She now lives in Australia.

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Darryl Nixon

Darryl Mervyn, the only son of Mervyn and Elsie Nixon, was born April 18, 1956. On May 27, 1987 Darryl married Helena and they reside in Abbotsford.


Robin (Nixon) Baldwin

Robin, the second daughter of Mervyn and Elsie Nixon, was born July 25, 1957. In June 1978, Robin married Jim Baldwin and they live in Abbotsford.


Kimberly (Nixon) Kirchinko

Kimberly Joy, the youngest daughter of Mervyn and Elsie Nixon, was born March 5, 1962.

On April 3, 1982 Kim married John Kirchinko and they have two children. They also live in Abbotsford.

Angela, daughter of Kim and John Kirchinko, was born January 28, 1984.

Dillan, son of Kim and John Kirchinko, was born March 11, 1987.



Audrey, daughter of George and Tanyss Nixon, was born January 17, 1936.

On March 28, 1955 Audrey married Floyd Rousell, a steel fabricator, of Regina and they had two daughters prior to a divorce.

On March 14, 1970 Audrey married Max Taylor of Regina. They lived in Calgary where they were divorced in 1983.

On April 23, 1988 Audrey married George Denhamm.


tanyss george nixon lona brenda audreyBrenda (Rousell) Bacon

Brenda, daughter of Audrey and Floyd Rousell, was born February 5, 1957.

On July 18, 1982 Brenda married Craig Birston. They were later divorced.

On March 7, 1987 Brenda married Michael Bacon. They reside in Winnipeg and have one child.


Lona (Rousell) Loudon

Lona, the second daughter of Audrey and Floyd Rousell, was born February 26, 1959.

On July 23, 1983 Lona married Hopeton Loudon. They live in Calgary with their three children.

Adrian, son of Lona and Hopeton Loudon, was born January 14, 1986.



William, the second son of Elizabeth and Robert Nixon, was born May 30, 1909.

He passed away in January 1929 due to spinal meningitis following a short illness.



Marion Nixon, the only daughter of Elizabeth and Robert Nixon, was born December 29, 1916.

On July 30, 1935 Marion married Walter Thorn. At that time, Walter was the lumberyard agent at Wapella but was transferred to Beechy, Saskatchewan that same year. In 1937, they moved to Indian Head and in 1942, to Moose Jaw where they remained until 1951 when they moved, with their two children, to Vancouver. Walter passed away October 15, 1987.

Marion married a retired army lieutenant colonel, Kay Matson. They spend their winters in Hemet, California and summers in North Vancouver.


thorn marion walter tanyss george nixonMARLENE (THORN) BARBER

Marlene, daughter of Marion and Walter Thorn, was born January 31, 1941.

On September 29, 1961 Marlene married Gerald Barber (born November 20, 1934) and they have two children.


Brenda Barber

Brenda Lynn, daughter of Marlene and Gerald Barber, was born April 13, 1963.


Darin Barber

Darin Gerald, son of Marlene and Gerald Barber, was born December 23, 1967.



Robert, son of Marion and Walter Thorn, was born February 2, 1943.

On April 11, 1964 Bob married Susan McDonald and they have two children.


Brock Thorn

Brock, son of Bob and Sue Thorn, was born October 16, 1969.


Kelly Thorn

Kelly Rae, daughter of Bob and Sue Thorn, was born April 24, 1973.


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