11) Alice (Millham) Gordon


(by son Les)

Alice Millham, the tenth child of Charles and Sarah Millham, was born at Shellmouth, Manitoba on August 18, 1880 and moved with her family to the Hazelcliffe district in 1890.

On December 14, 1898 Alice married George Gordon, son of William and Jane Gordon. George was born February 6, 1867 in Bruce County, Ontario and moved with his family to a homestead in the Hazelcliffe district in 1880. He served with the NWMP from 1887 – 1892 and 1894 – 1897, and was posted at Prince Albert, Duck Lake, Batoche, and Regina. [Records show that in April 1888, George made inquiries as to whether he could then enter for NE22-18-33 W1, when he “still had four years from June to serve in the Force.” He was informed that he would be unable to fulfill the required duties of a homesteader at that time.]

Alice and George homesteaded NE15-18-33, adjacent to her parents’ farm, and also the NW15. Seven children were born to them there. In March 1912, the family moved to Wapella where George was town constable for four years, and one more son was born. In 1916, George and Alice began a successful dairy farm just outside Wapella which they operated until George’s death on October 15, 1939.

In 1950 Alice married Herman Vis and continued to live in Wapella. Herman passed away a number of years ago. Alice was a very active church member, and was an honorary elder at the time of her passing on August 30, 1973.

george gordon family myrtle everett violet les alice lloyd george eva


(1880-1973)    (1867-1939)
Married 1897

  1. John Everett (December 10, 1899 – December 12, 1899) Buried at Hazelcliffe
  2. Violet Eulilee (January 17, 1901 – March 2, 1901) Buried at Hazelcliffe
  3. Violet Alice (1902-1980)
  4. Everett George (1903-1980)
  5. Myrtle Ann (1906-   )
  6. Eva May (1908-   )
  7. Leslie Gowler (1911-   )
  8. Lloyd Douglas (1920-   )


3. Violet – Everett Thorn
1. Gordon – Gwenn Downey
….. 1. Valerie 3. Gwenn
2. Victoria 4. Dianne
2. Iris – Ivan Lytle
1. Lisa 3. Paula
2. Lesle 4. John
3. Linden – Phyllis Marshall – Wanda Mauch
1. Deborah 3. Bruce
….. 2. Gayle
4. Allan – Marilyn Sturges
. 1. Sharon 3. Molly
2. James 4. Allison

4. Everett – Ruby McFarlane
1. Alison – Donald Carter
1. Michelle 3. Sheila
2. Paula
2. Everett
3. Dennis – Lynne Lewis
1. Terry 3. Darryl
2. Darrin
5. Myrtle – Harry Thorn
1. Larry – Donna Hecht
 .. 1. Roger 3. Jacqueline
2. Mark 4. Sandra
2. Leslie – Sharon Conners
1. Tamera 3. Cristy
2. Scott
3. Dale – Stella Fenters
1. Patricia 2. Dawn
4. Jack – Bonnie Wassen
1. Richard 2. Michael
5. Bruce – Gayle Russell
1. Bruce 2. Barbara
  6. Daniel – Pamela Davies
    1. Jeffrey 2. Brian
6. Eva – George Vincer
1. Gordon – Audrey Dickens
1. Paul 3. Glenn
2. John
2. Sharon – Jim Kennedy – Terry Lloyd
1. Kim 3. Lee
2. Vonnie 4. Lorna
3. Cheryl
 7. Leslie – Elizabeth Dean
1. John – Margaret Boyd
1. Brian 3. Haley
2. Joel
2. Maureen – David Lloyd
1. Tracy 2. Cory
3. Anne – Garry Bonkowski
1. Daniel
8. Lloyd – Vivian Valley

gordon lies everett alice lloyd george


(by daughter-in-law Gwenn)

Violet Alice Gordon, the third child of Alice and George Gordon, was born March 26, 1902. She was a happy, active young girl and woman who enjoyed music and reading.

On January 9, 1924 Violet married Everett Thorn, son of Linden and Mary (Dixon) Thorn of Wapella. Everett was a veteran of World War I who had been given land in the Eden Grove district near Wapella as soldier settlement. They farmed there until about 1929 when rust and drought ruined their crops. Violet and Everett, with two children, packed up and moved to the United States (Gary, Indiana) where Everett got a job in the steel mills. There they lived for 17 years, and two more children blessed their union.

Violet was a sickly lady who worked hard to keep her home and family peaceful and happy. She was a good mother; she became a devout Christian, serving the Lord all the days of her life. The Thorn home was a busy place with a growing family, a garden to care for, and over 300 chickens to look over. Everett was hard working and also a devout Christian. The Thorns had many friends and were active in the Nazerene Church.

In 1946, the Thorns felt it necessary to return to Canada and an easier way of life for Everett who was having difficulties with his hips. They had an opportunity to buy a meat market in Wapella, so once again they packed up to return “home.” They had become American citizens and left part of their family behind – only the two youngest sons returned with them.

thorn violet everett

Violet and Everett prospered for several years in Wapella as storekeepers, living above their butcher shop. They started a Nazarene Church in Wapella and were the most active members all their lives. After the boys graduated from high school, they returned to the States. Violet and Everett made only one trip back – their family was faithful to visit them each year!

Violet and Everett were a prominent part of the Wapella area – well liked and always helpful. Their door was always open to family, friends and strangers. They were very proud of their family and their accomplishments since all had a college degree and were good family men and women. Though never a physically strong person, Violet was usually happy; she and Everett had a very good marriage. We remember them both fondly, having spent many summers with them from 1954 to 1984. They touched many lives with their love and kindness.

Violet passed away July 16, 1984 and Everett, the previous year.



(by wife Gwenn, 1991)

Gordon Everett, the eldest son of Violet and Everett Thorn, was born January 22, 1925 at Wapella and moved to Indiana with his family in 1929. He was a strong lad and kept busy with chores – being the eldest, he had the most to do. H cared for the chickens, garden, and paper route. Gordon enjoyed school – his high school years were some of his happiest. He was a varsity basketball player, enjoyed music, played trombone in the band, and was a good student.

thorn gordon vicki gwen dianne valerie dennis farrell jamie briggs jeniIn 1942, while he was in his first year of college, Uncle Sam called him into the army – World War II – he served 3 ½ years as a paratrooper and made about 13 jumps while serving overseas. He returned from the service in 1946.

On July 14, 1946 Gordon married Gwenn Downey and they had four daughters. At the age of 36, Gordon returned to college to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in 1964 at the age of 40 and a Master’s degree in 1966. He then became a city manager in Skokie, Illinois for five years and Chula Vista, California for two years.

Gordon and his family moved many times – 23 to be exact – in 42 years. This marriage is very stable and happy. The Gordon Thorns have lived in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, California, Maryland and Texas. We have now been in Indiana almost three years and are delighted to be close to our family. Gordon is semi-retired and I am, as yet, working full time as a secretary at Purdue University. In a few years, we plan to go on a mission for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


Valerie (Thorn) Farrell

Valerie, the eldest daughter of Gordon and Gwenn Thorn, was born January 18, 1951 and attended Muncie Ball State and Purdue Universities.

On April 5, 1986 Valerie married Dennis Farrell and they live in Lafayette, Indiana. They both work for Century 21 Realtors – they make a good team. Valerie earned her Brokers’ License in January, 1991.


Victoria (Thorn) Briggs

Vicki, the second daughter of Gordon and Gwenn Thorn, was born May 20, 1952.

On August 16, 1969 Vicki married Tom Briggs and they had two children before Tom was killed in 1980. Vicki is office manager of a growing used car business in Lafayette, and has managed well on her own these past 11 years.

Jamie Christine, daughter of Vicki and Tom Briggs, was born September 4, 1974.

Jennifer Celeste, the second daughter of Vicki and Tom Briggs, was born September 16, 1980 two weeks before her dad’s untimely death.


Gwenn Thorn

Gwenn, the third daughter of Gordon and Gwenn Thorn, was born September 10, 1954 and brought much sunshine into our home the four years she was on this earth. She was killed by a truck on September 24, 1958 in Galion, Ohio. She is still greatly missed by her loving family.


Dianne (Thorn) Nutt

Dianne Eileen, the youngest daughter of Gordon and Gwenn Thorn, was born January 9, 1959 and has been a wonderful addition to our family shortly after Gwenn’s death. Dianne is musically inclined and has sung professionally. At one time, she had aspirations of becoming famous.

On August 28, 1987 Dianne married Steve Nutt and they live in Lafayette, Indiana. Dianne works for SIA (Subaru). Steve worked at Duncan for more than 17 years and has recently been promoted to a Supervisor.

thorn everett linden grandma iris violet

(submitted 1991)

Iris Isabell, the only daughter of Violet and Everett Thorn, was born in Wapella on July 31, 1927 and emigrated with her parents to the United States in 1929. She attended high school in Portage, Indiana and the Methodist School of Nursing in Gary, Indiana where she graduated in 1948 as a registered nurse. Iris moved to St. Louis, Missouri and worked at the Veterans’ Hospital there.

On April 21, 1951 Iris married Ivan Mills Lytle, Jr., the second son of Ivan Mills, Sr. and Leila Geniveve Sims Lytle, in the Highland Methodist Church in Los Angeles, California. Iris had met Ivan when he was a patient at the V.A. Hospital in St. Louis. Born in San Francisco, California on October 3, 1924, Ivan was a disabled veteran of World War II and had received his Bachelor of Science Degree at Tulsa University in Oklahoma. After an honorary discharge from the U.S. Army, Ivan moved to California to complete his education. He earned his Master of Science Degree at the University of California in 1956 and in 1958, he earned a Ph.D. in the field of Biological Sciences. While Ivan attended university, Iris worked, first at the Veterans’ Administration Hospital in Los Angeles and then at the University of California Medical Center.

iris lytle leslie brienna john paula sara myrtleIn 1959 Iris and Ivan, with their three daughters, moved to Salt Lake City, Utah where, until 1970, Ivan taught Physiology at the University of Utah. During that time he was chairman of the physiology department. Iris and Ivan’s son was born in Salt Lake City.

In 1970 the Lytle family moved to Tucson, Arizona and Ivan taught at the University of Arizona where he was head of the General Biology department until his death in 1980. During Ivan’s tenure, he had several papers published and wrote a physiology textbook which is currently used at the university level. Ivan died at age 56 from lung cancer. Iris still resides in Tucson where she is an active and loving mother and grandmother, as well as an avid University of Arizona sports fan.


Lisa (Lytle) Patheal

Lisa Ann, the eldest daughter of Iris and Ivan Lytle, was born on January 22, 1952 in Santa Monica, California.

On August 14, 1972 Lisa married Steven Patheal at the home of her parents in Tucson. Steven is the only child of Wesley and Mirna Patheal, born December 5, 1941 in Decater, Illinois. Lisa and Steve reside in Tucson, Arizona with their youngest son Broc, having recently moved there from Challis, Idaho for health reasons. Until recently, Lisa owned a craft shop in Idaho. In addition to the management of the store, she taught numerous craft classes as well as being active with the 4-H Club in Challis. Steve is a retired miner who has been an enormous help to Lisa at the store. Both are active parents and avid sports fans.

Ivan Wesley, son of Lisa and Steve Patheal, was born in Tucson, Arizona on January 2, 1973 and is active in sports. He recently graduated from high school in Prescott, Arizona and has enlistd in the U.S. Navy for 4 years.

Broc Steven, the second son of Lisa and Steve Patheal, was born April 14, 1976 in Tucson and is also active in sports. He is still in school and is a very talented musician.


Lesle (Lytle) Cleary

Lesle Kay, the second daughter of Iris and Ivan Lytle, was born December 7, 1953 in Woodland, California.

On June 10, 1970 Lesle married Richard Scott Lee in Christ Methodist Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. Richard (born in Salt Lake City on March 13, 1951) is the only child of the late Keith and Luanne Lee. Lesle and Richard had twin sons prior to their divorce in October 1975.

On April 10, 1981 Lesle married Ronald James Cleary in Tucson, Arizona. Ronald (the eldest of four sons of Norman Brooks Cleary and the late Emma Robin Cleary) was born in Ames, Iowa on September 22, 1948. Lesle and Ron had a daughter, and were divorced January 15, 1988.

Lesle recently graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education and certification in Special Education. She is employed as a Special Education teacher at the middle school level. She resides in Prescott, Arizona with her daughter.

Jeremy Scott , twin son of Lesle and Richard Lee, was born in Salt Lake City on April 22, 1971. He resides with his brother in Salt Lake City while working full time and attending college part time. He intends to earn a degree in Wildlife Studies.

Jason Keith, twin son of Lesle and Richard Lee, was born April 22, 1971 in Salt Lake City and resides there with his brother. He works part time and attends college part time with the intention of earning a degree in Education.

Brienna Patricia, daughter of Lesle and Ronald Cleary, was born December 19, 1981 in Prescott, Arizona and resides there with her mother. She is active in school as well as Brownies.


Paula (Lytle) Baca

Paula Jean, the third daughter of Iris and Ivan Lytle, was born May 13, 1957 in Woodland, California.

On January 1, 1978 Paula married William Baca in Phoenix, Arizona. Bill, born November 5, 1951, is the fourth child of William and Lucille Baca. Paula and Bill had a daughter prior to their divorce in 1981. Paula lives in Tucson with her daughter and son, where she works for the United States Postal Service. She follows the family’s interest in sports and is an Arizona Wildcats’ fan.

Sara Jean, daughter of Paula and Bill Baca, was born September 1, 1980 in Prescott, Arizona. She resides in Tucson with her mother and brother, and is active in school and Girl Guides.

James Alan Fisher (Cody) , son of Paula Baca and Jeffrey Fisher, was born August 21, 1989 in Tucson, Arizona. Much to the delight of his mother and grandmother, Cody is already showing a talent for athletics!


John Lytle

John Thorn, the fourth child and only son of Iris and Ivan Lytle, was born December 27, 1963 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was born hearing impaired and has attended school in Tucson, Arizona and Chickasha, Oklahoma – as well as college at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. John recently emigrated to Canada to work with a computer company.

In January 1988, John received a cochlear implant which has restored some of his hearing. He is active in the theater and, in addition to acting in a number of plays while attending college in Rochester, he toured with the Theater for the Deaf during the summer of 1987.


(by Gwenn Thorn, 1991)

George Linden, the third child of Violet and Everett Thorn, was born in Gary, Indiana on July 25, 1930 and spent his teenage years in Canada before returning to the States.

On June 8, 1950 Linden married his high school sweetheart, Phyllis Marshall, when both were 19 years of age. To this union were born three children. Lindy was in college the early part of their married life studying for the ministry. He graduated and continued his schooling in seminary until he became very ill with hepatitis. He left school (in Kansas at that time) and returned to Indiana where he became a teacher/counselor in the high school
in Portage. He taught and counseled about four years, and ran for mayor at one time – didn’t win – but found he liked the political atmosphere.

thorn linden david barbara debbie allen bruce phyllis gayle diana allenIn about 1964, Lindy decided to further his education and change his profession. He moved his family, which included three children, to Columbus, Ohio and went to Ohio State where he earned his Master’s degree in Sociology. He returned to Indiana and became the director of the Mentally Retarded Association of Indiana. They lived in Indianapolis for a while. Shortly after graduation from Ohio State, Lindy and Phyllis decided to divorce. Lindy moved to South Bend to become a Director (county) in Mental Retardation.

In 1966 Linden married Wanda Mauch and they presently make their home in Florida where Lindy works for the federal government and is a lobbyist. He is a kind and loving father and husband, and has been a credit to the Gordon/Thorn family. He and Wanda have a stable and happy marriage.


Deborah (Thorn) Allen

Deborah Jean, the eldest child of Linden and Phyllis Thorn, was born September 22, 1951.

On June 4, 1978 Debbie married David Allen and they have two daughters. Debbie is a registered nurse and they live in Michigan. David is an artist and is good with the children and keeping house.

Diana Marie, daughter of Debbie and David Allen, was born January 5, 1982.

Barbara Jean, the second daughter of Debbie and David Allen, was born March 1, 1985.


Gayle Thorn

Gayle Ray, the second daughter of Linden and Phyllis Thorn, was born September 18, 1953. She is single and lives in Lebanon, Indiana about 30 minutes from Debbie. Gayle has recently purchased her first home, and lives about ten minutes from her place of employment where she has worked for over ten years.


Bruce Thorn

Bruce, the only son of Linden and Phyllis Thorn, was born June 11, 1956. He studied in New York where he lived for several years. He now lives in Michigan, having just purchased his first home. Bruce works for a bank, and enjoys theater and acting.


(submitted April 1991)

Allan Richard, the youngest son of Violet and Everett Thorn, was born November 23, 1932 in Gary, Indiana and received his high school education at Wapella, Saskatchewan. His further education included: Olivet College, A.B.; McCormick Theological Seminary, M. Divinity; and Case Western Reserve University, M.S.W.

On February 10, 1962 Allan married Marilyn Nancy Sturges, daughter of Heyward and Helen Sturges of Westfield, New Jersey. They are presently living in Baltimore, Maryland where Allan is employed as the Director of Social Work at the Veterans’ Administration Hospital. Marilyn is a registered nurse currently working for the Office on Aging in Bel Air, Maryland. They have four children.


thorn family allan debbie jim molly mike marilyn allison myrtle michelle reedSharon (Thorn) Bittinger

Sharon Renee, the eldest child adopted by Allan and Marilyn Thorn, was born July 18, 1963 and graduated from high school in 1982.

On August 9, 1986 Sharon married Eric Bittinger who also graduated from high school in 1982. At this writing, this marriage has been dissolved. Sharon is a nanny for a family in Maryland and loves her job. She has no children.


James Thorn

James Allan, adopted son of Allan and Marilyn Thorn, was born August 10, 1964 and graduated from high school in 1983. He is living in Essex, Maryland attending college part time and currently working at a private country club.

On October 22, 1988 Jim married Debbie Mack who is a secretary. At present, they have no children.


Molly (Thorn) Reed

Molly Anne, the third child of Allan and Marilyn Thorn, was born July 23, 1965 and graduated from the Union Memorial Hospital School of Nursing as a registered nurse in May 1986.

On June 6, 1986 Molly married Mike Reed who is employed with a large utility company in Baltimore. Molly works at the Union Memorial Hospital where she took her training. They have two children.

Michelle Nicole, daughter of Molly and Mike Reed, was born September 1, 1988.

Joseph Michael, son of Molly and Mike Reed, was born November 10, 1989.


Allison Thorn

Allison Lynne, the youngest child of Allan and Marilyn Thorn, was born February 22, 1970 and graduated from North Harford High School in May 1988. She is completing her junior year in college, in Lancaster, PA. She plans to become a social worker, and will graduate in 1992.



(by son Dennis)

Everett George Gordon, the fourth child of Alice and George Gordon, was born September 17, 1903 and received his education at Hazelcliffe and Wapella schools. He remained on the family farm until the late 1930’s, then transferred several times as a grain buyer’s helper for the Northern Grain Company.

everett ruby gordonEverett enlisted on October 10, 1939 with the South Saskatchewan Army Regiment in Weyburn and arrived in England on December 24, 1940 where he remained until his discharge on July 13, 1944.

On August 18, 1943 Everett married Robina (Ruby) Martin McFarlane of Dundee, Scotland whom he met during his duty overseas. Ruby preceded Everett to Canada in 1944 and lived with his mother until he could join her.

Everett and Ruby, with their daughter, moved to Kegworth, Saskatchewan in 1945 where he became a grain buyer for National Grain Company. Two more children were born there. Everett worked at Kegworth until July 1965 and, with his family, retired back to Wapella.

Everett died November 30, 1980 at 77 years of age. Ruby still resides in her own home at Wapella. She leads a very active life in the community with the local legion, the church, and with the various senior citizens’ activities which are provided each week.



Alison Elizabeth, daughter of Everett and Ruby Gordon, was born in Moosomin Hospital on November 23, 1944 and moved with her parents to Kegworth the following year. She completed her schooling and went to work at the Royal Bank in Windthorst, Saskatchewan.

In August 1965, Alison married Donald Carter. They had three daughters and resided in Windthorst for several years. They are now divorced and Alison is taking nurse’s training in Saskatoon.


Michelle Carter

Michelle Christine, the eldest daughter of Alison and Donald Carter, was born September 3, 1968.


Paula Carter

Paula, the second daughter of Alison and Donald Carter, was born March 17, 1971.


Sheila Carter

Sheila, the third daughter of Alison and Donald Carter, was born June 24, 1972 and graduated from grade 12 in 1990.



Everett Peter, the second child of Everett and Ruby Gordon, was born February 18, 1949 but quietly passed away January 2, 1950 due to heart problems.

gordon alison paula sheila michelle lynne dennis darrin darryl terry


Dennis George, the youngest child of Everett and Ruby Gordon, was born September 22, 1950 at Kipling Hospital and moved with his parents to Wapella where he completed his high school education. He moved to Calgary and worked for a year from 1970-1971. Dennis joined the RCMP in Regina in 1971, completed his training and was transferred to Kamloops, B.C. for six years.

On September 27, 1975 Dennis married Lynne Lewis of McAuley, Manitoba whom he met in Kamloops. Dennis and Lynne, with their three children, have since moved to Swift Current and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and St. Albert, Alberta where Dennis was with K-Division Edmonton Ident. They are now stationed in Brooks, Alberta.


Terry Gordon

Terry, daughter of Dennis and Lynne Gordon, was born January 19, 1970.


Darrin Gordon

Darrin, son of Dennis and Lynne Gordon, was born March 11, 1976.


Darryl Gordon

Darryl, the second son of Dennis and Lynne Gordon, was born March 29, 1979.



(submitted 1988)

Myrtle Ann Gordon, the fifth child of Alice and George Gordon, was born June 22, 1906 at Hazelcliffe and moved with my parents, sisters and brothers to Wapella on March 12, 1912. I went to the 11th grade at Wapella School and left there to help my parents on the dairy farm.

On December 9, 1933 I married Lawrence Henry (Harry) Thorn, son of the late Linden and Mary Thorn of Wapella. Harry was a veteran of the First World War, serving three years in France. After the war, he and his brother Everett operated a farm in the Eden Grove district near Wapella. He left the farm six years later to enter Deer Lodge Veterans’ Hospital in Winnipeg for treatment on his feet, which improved the situation very much. He took up the bricklaying trade and worked there for three years before leaving for Gary, Indiana in 1929 where his brother Everett and his wife, my sister Violet and family, were already living. I married Harry at Gary, Indiana and we subsequently had six sons.

Harry, during his working years, was a foundry worker and later went into bricklaying and masonry work. The last ten years of his working life, he was maintenance man for the Portage, Indiana school system. He retired in 1966. We lived in Hillsboro, Georgia for two years and then returned to Wapella to make our home.

Harry passed away January 20, 1976 and I continued to live in Wapella until 1988 when I moved back to Indiana to be near my family.

myrtle thorn bruce jack larry dale leslie dan


Lawrence Lloyd (Larry), the eldest son of Myrtle and Harry Thorn, was born March 4, 1935 and graduated from Portage High School before attending Arkansas State College for one year. He enlisted in the U.S. Marines for three years, serving two years in Korea. Upon his discharge, Larry was employed by the Gary, Indiana Associates Loan Co. for three years. Later he took the position of business manager for the Sand T Lumber Co. of Portage for seven years. In 1969, he began at the Circle R Electric Company where he is presently employed.

On March 4, 1961 Larry married Donna Jean Hecht, daughter of Walter and Esther Hecht of Lansing, Illinois, and they have three children.


Roger Thorn

Roger Dean, son of Larry and Donna Thorn, was born March 23, 1963. After completing grade 12, he was employed at odd jobs and at present, he builds and installs store signs.

On October 17, 1987 Roger married Jill Hagerty, daughter of Edward and Ruth Hagerty of Portage. Jill is a dental assistant.


Mark Thorn

Mark Allan, the second son of Larry and Donna Thorn, was born November 11, 1965 and after completing grade 12, worked at odd jobs on docks. He is presently employed in the business office of the air force near Austin, Texas.

On August 17, 1985 Mark married Karen Peterson, daughter of Max and Nancy Peterson of South Haven, Indiana.


Jacqueline Thorn

Jacqueline Jean, daughter of Larry and Donna Thorn, was born December 27, 1967. After completing grade 12, she took a business course and works as an accountant at the Hyatt Hotel in Chicago.


Sandra Thorn

Sandra Jean, twin sister of Jacqueline, was also born December 27, 1967 but passed away two days later.



George Leslie, the second son of Myrtle and Harry Thorn, was born June 28, 1937 and completed high school in Portage, Indiana. In 1955, he obtained employment at the finishing mill at the Gary steel mills, which he has made his lifetime career. Leslie also served three years with the U.S. Marines and upon his discharge, returned to the same position at Gary Steel.

On March 20, 1962 Leslie married Sharon Conners, daughter of George and Gladys Conners of Hessville, Indiana, and they have three children. Leslie and Sharon own and operate the Portage Plastic Parlor, Arts and Crafts.


Tammy (Thorn) Morgan

Tamera Lynn, the eldest child of Leslie and Sharon Thorn, was born July 2, 1964. After completing high school, she attended college in Missouri where she majored in Child Psychology.

On August 5, 1988 Tammy married Robert Morgan, a minister with the Assembly of God Church, and they have a daughter.

Melody, daughter of Tammy and Robert Morgan, was born June 13, 1990.


Scott Thorn

Scott Leslie, son of Leslie and Sharon Thorn, was born June 18, 1966. After graduating from high school, he worked as a carpenter in Texas. Scott then took a mechanical course in Valparaiso, Indiana.

In February 1986, Scott married Marilyn Eichelburg, daughter of Ray and Ruth Eichelburg of Kouts, Indiana, and they have a son.

Joshua Leslie, son of Scott and Marilyn Thorn, was born June 18, 1987.


Cristy Thorn

Cristy Lee, daughter of Leslie and Sharon Thorn, was born April 15, 1970 and graduated from high school in 1988.



Dale Stewart, the third son of Myrtle and Harry Thorn, was born January 4, 1941 and graduated from Portage High School. His first employment was with the Sand T Lumber Co. of Portage from 1961-1967. He then worked for the Henderlong Lumber Co. of Gary for six years. Later, Dale and a partner went into the fireplace business (construction) at Crown Point for six years. At the present time, he is active in real estate and is superintendent in charge of the Herb Welch Development Company.

In June 1966, Dale married Stella Fenters, daughter of Nicholas and Opal Holick of Portage, Indiana, and they had two daughters prior to a divorce.


Patricia Thorn

Patricia Marie, daughter of Dale and Stella Thorn, was born February 4, 1967. She attended Nazarene Olivet College in Kankakee, Illinois where she majored in Journalism and Psychology.

Dawn Thorn

Dawn Christine, the second daughter of Dale and Stella Thorn, was born May 19, 1969. She also attended Nazarene Olivet College and studied to become a grade school teacher.



John Raymond (Jack), the fourth son of Myrtle and Harry Thorn, was born March 10, 1943 and graduated from Portage High School. After leaving school, he was employed by Heat & Gas Co. for several years. Jack then joined the Portage Fire Department and on January 1, 1988, he was elected fire chief for the City of Portage. He has, for fifteen years, been maintenance man and in charge of burials at the McCool, Indiana cemetery.

On November 14, 1964 Jack married Bonnie Wasson, daughter of L.H. and Leona Wasson of Portage, and they had two sons prior to a divorce.

Jack passed away on September 14, 1991.


Richard Thorn

Richard Allan, son of Jack and Bonnie Thorn, was born June 23, 1966. He attended Indiana University in Bloomington, majoring in Political Science, with aspirations of working for the government.


Michael Thorn

Michael Allan, the second son of Jack and Bonnie Thorn, was born April 5, 1971 and graduated in 1989 from grade 12 (Special Education). Michael won several awards and a gold medal for swimming in the Special Olympics for the Handicapped. The government has done aptitude tests to determine his capabilities, to assist him in securing an independent future.



Bruce William, the fifth son of Myrtle and Harry Thorn, was born April 30, 1946 and completed grade 12 in Portage High School. His first employment was with the Portage Electric Co. for one year. He then enlisted with the navy at Great Lakes Naval Base, Chicago for four years, and served two years on the USS Ranger at Vietnam. Upon his discharge, Bruce returned to the Portage Electric Co. where he is presently employed. He is active with the American Legion Post of Portage and has twice been elected Commander with the Post, having over 200 members.

In 1967 Bruce married Gayle Russell, daughter of Leo and Joyce Russell of Portage, and they have two children.

Wesley Thorn

Bruce Wesley, son of Bruce and Gayle Thorn, was born March 15, 1969. After graduating from high school, Wesley joined the navy at Great Lakes Training Station at Chicago.

In February 1991, Wesley married Debra and they live in California where he is in the U.S. Navy.


Barbara Thorn

Barbara Joy, daughter of Bruce and Gayle Thorn, was born March 19, 1973 and attends high school in Portage. She is talented in music and plays the violin, flute and xylophone as well as taking guitar lessons. She hopes to make music one of her majors in college.



Daniel Richard, the sixth and youngest son of Myrtle and Harry Thorn, was born November 23, 1950 and graduated from Portage High School. His first employment was with the Heating and Air Conditioning C. of Gary, Indiana, and later he went into business for himself. In 1973, he joined the Portage Fire Department while still retaining his heating and air conditioning business.

On March 27, 1979 Dan married Pamela Darlene Davies, daughter of William and Lillian Davies of Portage. They live in Chesterton and have two sons.


Jeffrey Thorn

Jeffrey Daniel, son of Dan and Pamela Thorn, was born November 8, 1973 and attends high school in Chesterton. He is interested in sports, especially baseball, and played Little League.


Brian Thorn

Brian Keith, the second son of Dan and Pamela Thorn, was born June 22, 1976 and attends school in Chesterton. He is interested in computers.



(submitted 1988)

Eva May Gordon, the sixth child of Alice and George Gordon, was born January 6, 1908 at Hazelcliffe. I took my nurse’s training at Moose Jaw General Hospital where I graduated in 1929.

On July 29, 1930 I married George Hardy Vincer, chief engineer at British American Oil Company, whom I had met in Moose Jaw. George was born in Moose Jaw on May 8, 1907 to Mabel and Will Vincer who had come out from England the previous year. We had three children.

George built a boiler house in Moose Jaw, then in Calgary, Alberta. In 1944, he was transferred from Moose Jaw B/A to Clarkson B/A, Ontario. We lived in Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga and Orangeville, Ontario for 35 years before coming back to Regina to retire in 1978.

[George passed away, following a stroke, on June 13, 1991.]

vincer eva george


Gordon Hardy, son of Eva and George Vincer, was born March 29, 1931 in Moose Jaw and went to school in Oakville, Ontario to grade 12. He then trained as a pilot at the Island Airport in Toronto and did some commercial flying before going to Quebec as a bush flier. After a couple of years there, he came back to Toronto and gave up flying when he got married.

On June 4, 1962, Gordon married Audrey Dickens, a nurse from England, and they had three sons. Gordon worked at Acme Screw & Gear in Toronto. They were divorced in 1980. [Gordon is now living in Regina where he is a full-time school bus driver.]

vincer gordon george paul john glenn

Paul Vincer

Paul Geoffrey, son of Gordon and Audrey Vincer, was born March 15, 1961 in Toronto. He works in a factory where they make air conditioner equipment and is a disc jockey in Orangeville, Ontario.

In 1986 Paul married Beth and they have a son.

Kyle Mathew, son of Paul and Beth Vincer, was born November 18, 1987.


John Vincer

John Michael, the second son of Gordon and Audrey Vincer, was born January 24, 1963 in Toronto. He is in the army at Petawawa, Ontario and was sent to Beirut for six months, returning in October 1987.

In 1984, John married Kim in Orangeville and they reside at Petawawa at present.


Glenn Vincer

Glenn, the third son of Gordon and Audrey Vincer, was born in Toronto on February 10, 1965. He came out to Regina in 1980 where he graduated from grade 12 in 1981. He has a permanent position with Sask Power.



Sharon Mabel, the second child of Eva and George Vincer, was born September 8, 1939 in Moose Jaw.

On January 9, 1956 Sharon married Jim Kennedy in Toronto. They had four daughters and were divorced in 1982.

On August 27, 1982 Sharon married Terry Lloyd; they live in Lampman, Saskatchewan where Terry works at hospital maintenance and Sharon drives a school bus.

vincer terry sharon kim wedding

Kim (Kennedy) Berrington

Kim Katherine, daughter of Sharon and Jim Kennedy, was born September 9, 1956. She took her nurse’s training in Barrie, Ontario and nursed in Edmonton and Calgary where she met her husband.

On September 1, 1984 Kim married Lance Berrington. They have a son and live in Victoria, B.C.

Myles Thomas, son of Kim and Lance Berrington, was born June 27, 1985 in Calgary.


Vonnie (Kennedy) Maygard

Vonnie Heather, the second daughter of Sharon and Jim Kennedy, was born September 24, 1958 in Toronto. She worked as a secretary in Edmonton, Regina and Calgary.

On May 24, 1986 Vonnie married John Maygard in Lampman, Saskatchewan.


Lee Kennedy

Sharon Lee, the third daughter of Sharon and Jim Kennedy, was born December 6, 1961. She lives in Lampman and is a store clerk in Estevan.


Lorna Kennedy

Lorna, the fourth and youngest daughter of Sharon and Jim Kennedy, was born August 7, 1970 and completed her high school education in Lampman where she lives with her mother and Terry.

vincer lee vonnie kim lorna cheryl


Cheryl Ann, the youngest child of Eva and George Vincer, was born January 22, 1948 at Oakville, Ontario. She contracted polio when she was 2 ½ years old and was hospitalized for 17 months. When she came home with braces on both arms, both legs, and a back brace, we were told she would never walk again. With determination, operations and exercise, she overcame it very well and at present, has only a brace on her right leg.

Cheryl was able to go to college for four years, taking an Executive Secretary course at Oakville Sheridan College. She has a permanent position with Sask Telephones in Regina, and lives at home.



(submitted 1991)

Leslie Gowler Gordon, the seventh child of Alice and George Gordon, was born at Hazelcliffe on October 9, 1911. Our family homesteaded at Hazelcliffe and in 1912, moved to Wapella where I have resided ever since. Dad was employed as town policeman until 1915 when he and Mother decided to move to the farm adjoining the town of Wapella. My wife Betty and I still reside there, having taken over the farm in 1945. I took my schooling in Wapella.

I played baseball and hockey for Wapella for a number of years. Those were the days in the late twenties and on into the thirties when we traveled in winter by truck with a tarp over the box, and by train. In summer, we traveled mostly by car. We spent one winter night at a farmer’s home when our truck froze on the way home from a hockey game; the temperature was twenty below zero with a wind. There was blowing snow but between gusts of wind, someone saw a light. We all started to walk toward that light. After walking about a mile, we came to a farmhouse with a light in the window. That was about 1 A.M. We were all welcomed by the farmer who said, “I was at the hockey game and I felt you guys would never make it home to Wapella with that old truck tonight, so I left a light in the window.” He told us that he traveled the safe way to the game – with a team of horses and cutter. We all slept on the kitchen floor and in the morning were fed a good breakfast. The farmer towed our truck to his farmyard with a four-horse team and helped us get it thawed and started. We arrived home at 2 P.M.

One other night our truck became stuck four miles from where we were to play and we walked to a nearby farm. The farmer took us the four miles by team and sleigh. The game got underway at 10:30 P.M. We arrived back home by train at 4 A.M.

In 1939, I was a member of the 101 Battery (Reserve) Canadian Army and when the unit went active in November of that year, I was discharged by the Department of National Defense, to continue farming. My brothers were in the services, Dad had passed away in October, and there was no one left to operate the farm.

On March 4, 1944 I married Elizabeth May Dean, daughter of Fred and May (Blyth) Dean. Betty had taught at Confederation School, Maryfield, Saskatchewan and also at Cranbrook School, north of Wapella. She continued teaching until the end of the 1945 school term.

A good part of my life has been spent in the dairy business. I first delivered milk in the town with a bicycle and a two-wheeled cart. Later, milk was delivered by milk wagon with a box built on a chassis of a Model T Ford in summer, and by light sleigh and box in winter. When pasteurization of milk became law, milk was delivered by a ½ ton truck in eight-gallon cans to Saskatchewan Co-op Creamery at Moosomin four times a week for thirteen years. Only one trip was missed in that time, due to a blizzard. When the creamery ceased operations, milk was then picked up by a tanker truck and hauled to the new Dairy Producers’ Co-op milk plant in Yorkton. This continued until November 1987 when the milking herd was sold. All three of our children were actively involved in the operation of the dairy farm while at home.

I served for 18 years as councilor for Division 6, R.M. of Martin, and upon my resignation as councilor, I continued as Agriculture Committee member and hold that position to the present time. I am a contact person for Community College, a member of Saskatchewan Wheat Pool committee at Wapella, and at this time, president of Local 630 National Farmers’ Union.

Betty was always involved in the operation of our dairy enterprise. She was active in the Home and School Association, both locally and provincially, and was the provincial president for four years. She was responsible for bringing the Regional Library to Wapella and helped build and furnish our Co-op laundromat and library. At present, she works with the Community Development Society and is director for District 1 National Farmers’ Union. Her 11 years of service to Wapella Figure Skating Club earned Betty a certificate of recognition. She was an active member of the United Church Women’s organization when the new church was built in Wapella.

For the past several years, Betty and I have had more time for ourselves and have been able to do some traveling abroad as well as in Canada and the United States. We are also members of the Valley Social Club at Round Lake.

les betty gordon


John Leslie, son of Les and Betty Gordon, was born October 5, 1945. He attended the University of Saskatchewan and received his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. He is now grain farming at Wapella, is active in the Peace and Justice Movement (Ten Days for World Development), and a leader in the Cubs organization in Wapella.

On June 20, 1969 John married Margaret Temple Boyd of Regina and they have three children. Margaret is a full-time lawyer with the law firm, Osman Gardner & Gordon of Moosomin, and also has a degree in Home Economics. Both she and John are active in the United Church and are members of the National Farmers’ Union. John is a member of the Farm Financial Crisis Committee for Local 630 NFU, and of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool.


gordon brian john haley margaret joelBrian Gordon

Brian Jeffrey, son of John and Margaret Gordon, was born July 4, 1979. He enjoys skating, hockey and skiing, is a member of the 4-H beef club and participates in United Church activities, including Sunday School.


Joel Gordon

Joel Stephen, the second son of John and Margaret Gordon, was born March 11, 1982. He enjoys sports, including skating, skiing and hockey. Joel is involved in 4-H and United Church activities.


Haley Gordon

Haley Elan, daughter of John and Margaret Gordon, was born September 19, 1984. She plays hockey with the boys, enjoys skiing and figure skating and is also interested in 4-H and church participation.



Maureen Elizabeth, daughter of Les and Betty Gordon, was born May 6, 1949.

On January 20, 1968 Maureen married David Lloyd (born August 12, 1948) of Wapella and they have two children. They live in Regina where Maureen and Dave have pursued both educational and career goals over the past fifteen years. David has a Master of Education Degree in Guidance and Counseling and is employed as a full- time counselor at Cochrane High School. Maureen has a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Work Degree. She has worked for the Department of Social Services since 1976 in the field of residential child care at both Roy Wilson Centre and Dale’s House. She presently holds a supervisory position.

Maureen and Dave share many common interests and activities. They enjoy the outdoors and are avid campers, cyclists and skiers. They are both active in community affairs and volunteer their time to a variety of organizations.

lloyd cory david maureen

Tracy Lloyd

Tracy Maureen, daughter of Maureen and David Lloyd, was born August 20, 1968 and graduated from grade 12 in Regina. She spent six months in India and Quebec on cultural exchange programs. Tracy is enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan where she is in her final year of studies toward a Bachelor of Anthropology Degree. She is currently achieving high academic success and is hoping to continue her education in a Master’s program. Her fiance, who is from Jamaica, is studying Law at the U. of S.


Cory Lloyd

Cory James, adopted son of Maureen and David Lloyd, was born April 7, 1971. He lives in Brandon and is hoping to pursue a career in social work. His goal is to work with teenagers who are experiencing problems in their lives.



Margret Anne, the second daughter of Les and Betty Gordon, was born September 30, 1958.

On October 7, 1978 Anne married Garry George Bonkowski, the eldest son of Richard and Joyce Bonkowski of Wapella, and they have one son. Anne attended university, but returned to the farm and later became manager of the dairy enterprise from 1983 until November 1987 when the dairy cows were sold. She was owner of the clothing store in Wapella and a member of Town Council for a time. Anne is a full-time school bus driver.

Garry is a shareholder in the Home- All Lumber Company in Moosomin and is employed full time building for the company. Due to economic conditions, Garry is also temporarily self-employed, building houses in Calgary. He is active in the Wildlife Federation; he and Anne are members of the National Farmers’ Union and while in school, both were active in sports.

Anne and Garry sold the home they built in Wapella, across the Trans-Canada Highway from the farm. They are both still actively involved on the farm, taking care of the beef cattle which replaced the dairy herd. They recently purchased the Harold and Freda Kempin farm, one mile south of Wapella, and moved there in the spring of 1991.


Daniel Bonkowski

Daniel Gordon, son of Anne and Garry Bonkowski, was born October 10, 1986. He is involved in hockey and figure skating, and loves to ski and help feed calves. Daniel has also shown an interest in carpentry.

bonkowski garry anne daniel


(submitted 1988)

Lloyd Douglas Gordon, the youngest son of Alice and George Gordon, was born at Wapella on October 25, 1920. He attended high school in Wapella and helped on the dairy farm. He took an active part in all school activities and played hockey with the local clubs and pitched baseball for Wapella in the Munroe Senior Baseball League.

Lloyd joined the RCMP at Regina on January 2, 1941 to follow the career of his father who had served with the North West Mounted Police. Training commenced at Regina with further courses throughout his career at Ottawa (Rockclifffe), Vancouver, Regina, and the U.S. Bureau of Narcotics, Washington, D.C. He served in the force in Ontario at Cobourg, Toronto and Ottawa and in Manitoba at Carman, Portage la Prairie and Winnipeg. Service included drug investigations and administration at Toronto, Winnipeg and Ottawa; highway patrol at Winnipeg and general detachment duties at Cobourg, Carman and Portage la Prairie. Lloyd played baseball and hockey at Carman and with the Plainsmen Intermediate Hockey Club at Portage la Prairie. His last posting was at Ottawa where he took his discharge from the force with the rank of staff sergeant.

In 1947, Lloyd married Vivian Valley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Valley of Portage la Prairie and formerly of Oak Lake, Manitoba. Vivian enjoyed a career in the teaching profession for 21 years, having been employed at Portage la Prairie, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Wapella.

Lloyd and Vivian moved to Wapella in 1964 where they farmed for three years. Lloyd played in the Ambassadors Orchestra and coached the Wapella Black Hawks Hockey Team which was the Mainline League champions for the 1966-67 season.

In 1968 to 1971, he was employed as camp manager with Wellman-Lord Ltd., Lakeland, Florida during the construction of the potash refinery at Rocanville. They then moved to Winnipeg where Vivian again taught school and Lloyd was employed in security work, the last three years of which were at the Royal Winnipeg Mint. They are retired and presently residing in Kelowna, British Columbia.

vivian lloyd gordon