Millham Memoirs

Charles Millham was born on November 20, 1840 in Battle, Sussex, to Mary Milham.

Unfortunately nothing more seems to have been recorded about his ancestry, or his childhood. Charles immigrated to Canada through Hudson’s Bay in approximately 1858 and worked for the Church of England in what is now Manitoba. In 1863 he obtained land, possibly a grant from the Church, and started farming, near Headingly, Manitoba. In the following year Charles wed Sarah Ann Gowler and the first of 12 children was born to them in 1865. It is believed that these twelve children (of whom two died in infancy) are the ancestors of all the Canadian Millhams.

In the late 1870’s Charles took out a homestead near Minnedosa, Manitoba, then in 1890, lured by new land to the west, he homesteaded and purchased land in the Hazelcliffe district of Saskatchewan, which is now considered to be the birthplace of the Millham family.

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